• Overanalyzing The My Little Pony Generation 5 Movie Screenshot


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    Many people have brought up just how much the picture revealed last night from the generation five Netflix pony movie. Sunny here is apparently our mane character this time around, so let's dive into her room in a slightly over-obsessed fan way shall we? 


    Is pretty obvious she's a huge mane 6 enthusiast. All around her room are cutie marks and posters of them. This seems to go along with what we know about her interest in bringing everyone back together now that the tribes are split again. 

    She also has a big Celestia canvass behind her bed, hinting that Sunbutt might be worshiped still, despite the synopsis hinting that leadership has long since changed with the segregated nations.


    We also have quite a bit of earth pony friendly technology laying around, which is something I hope they really push as early generation 4 pony was always very charming with it's horses struggling with manipulating objects with their mouths. It's something that was lost as the series progressed. It will be interesting to see how the earth cities have adapted.

    Anyway, feel free to drop things you noticed below! Expect a flood of news in a few hours when hasbros big event happens.