• IDW Solicitations For May 2021 Reveal Second "Transformers: Friendship in Disguise II" #2 Comic - Synopsis and Writers

    IDW's Next round of solicitations have released for May 2021, revealed two more pony comics for us to dive into. The first is the second part in Hasbro's continuation in the Transformers x pony crossover universe: Friendship in Disguise II. 

    Go get the details for it below to avoid the spoilers, and check out the 98th pony comic after this post!


    The Seekers and the Wonderbolts have formed an uneasy alliance—can Starscream and Rainbow Dash work together to stop the evil attacking Cybertron?! Plus, Applejack and Wildwheel come face-to-face in a wild, wild showdown for the ages!

    Artists: Priscilla Tramontano, Trish Forstner

    Writers: Ian Flynn, Sam Maggs

    Cover Artist: Tony Fleecs

    Thanks to Margar3t and VcSaJen for the heads up