• Equestria Girls Player Piano Follow Up


    Nothing says musical than an elegant and fancy piano. Except maybe riding on an elegant and fancy piano. But I’m sure musicians like Elton John can agree with that statement as well. Rarity is trying to find the perfect instrument for the Rainbooms, which does leave me concerned with some of the girls not actually already knowing how to play their certain instruments. I guess they learned on the fly. Very convenient for the impending doom that is The Dazzlings coming after all the Rainbow Rock shorts, but we’ll say it’s magic and leave it at that. If I were to give this short a moral, it would be to rethink other options even if you’re set on one specific one. There’s no harm in broadening your ideas. Either that or not use boys to get what you want by flipping your hair…even if it does work. Let’s get to the short!


    I have way too many questions on exactly where she got this giant grand piano and how it ended up outside the school. If it was property that belonged to the school that was maybe in another building, logically there would be ways to move it. Not to mention most pianos like this have wheels on them. And if this didn’t come from another building in the school, I can only assume she had a delivery truck bring it to school and weren’t paid to move in inside. Let’s face the facts here. Regardless of Rarity being girly and prissy and not one to get her hands dirty, she’s still a teenage girl here trying to move a grand piano on asphalt. I commend her for not breaking one of the legs on it.


    Rarity: “What I need is a bit more muscle.”

    Well…two out of three ain’t half bad. But again, I have questions on what exactly they’re doing here. I know in the show these diamond dogs were pulled by their collars (so to speak) when dealing with Rarity. I’ll admit, Season 1 “A Dog and Pony Show” was an episode that was…questionable at best. I like the idea of not having to make things violent to protect yourself and relying on being clever instead of strong. But I can see how it’s not in Rarity’s best light to whine and nag like a stuck up prude to annoy the diamond dogs into submission. Still an interesting episode to talk about and I’m glad we somehow got the diamond dogs Rover, Spot and Fido in this universe as well.


    This short is getting me very long winded today. I want so much to know exactly what they’re thinking with the diamonds in their eyes. I’m stuck between “oh a hot girl” or “oh a rich hot girl who might pay us to do stuff for her.” But they don’t look to upset to help, so I’m sure nothing will go too wrong.


    I love these three killing themselves with moving a piano with a person just sitting on top of it like this was supposed to be normal. I know Rarity isn’t lifting anything like that let alone helping to lift it, but this might be a bit counterproductive. But at least the diamond dogs are happy to help. Rarity was even nice to call them “diamonds in the rough”. I won’t abuse the puns here. It’s just too many of them.


    Well this might be a bit of trouble. How do you take a large piano into a crowd of people blocking the hallway? This isn’t much of a riddle when I don’t think the diamond dogs are actually subtle. 


    Yeah that’s a great way to greet the day. Getting run over by three guys driving a piano. Truly a story that would be very hard to explain to you chiropractor later on for back pain. It’s not fully your fault Rarity, but this was probably not the best direction to go on.


    And it seems everyone else is waiting for the grand duchess to arrive with her grand piano. Except it really doesn’t help that tucked away in the back corner of this shot there is an electric piano already waiting. I want there to be a reason Rarity is using a grand piano instead of the one in the actual music room. Like maybe it’s broken or maybe it doesn’t have the right settings. But nothing really concrete comes to mind.


    And winner for the grandest entrance with a grand piano goes to Rarity and her tired and sweaty lackies. It must be truly exhausting to run over your classmates with a piano and having a girl riding on top of it. Can’t imagine the arm work out with it.


    And Pinkie coming in with the great ideas. As sophisticated and refined as a grand piano is, there is a charm to the keytar. Not to mention I’m a huge 80’s fan and the synthesizers in the 80’s pop and rock scenes were top notch amazing and fun. And not to say that classical instruments don’t have their place in rock or pop bands like The Rainbooms, but I’m honestly curious how this grand piano would’ve sounded in Rainbow Rocks. 


    And of course we get our “pony up” moment with this pop synth solo that fits more with the style of the music than a grand piano would. Not to mention since this is an electrical keyboard there’s a lot more range with sounds and pitch that can be controlled. And I’m pretty sure I can think of the painful slapstick that might come from a floating grand piano if she were to pony up on a stage. Probably not the most graceful moment to happen.


    Well…ask and you shall receive. Barely needed to say three words and these guys were on it to moving this keyboard party to the next practice venue. Again, having to lift something like this long distance might be a bit dangerous for the back…or for anyone else that might be in the way. But at least Rarity found something that might not cause too much trouble for anyone in the audience that might be concerned with a flying piano.

    And that was Player Piano, an interesting little short that had a lot of thoughts behind it just from previous moments in the original show. Again, it’s a hard debate if what Rarity is doing is considered right or wrong. It’s cool to see the Diamond Dogs back (sorry I keep calling them dogs, but other than their first names, I don’t know if they have last names or if it’s actually Diamonds) and interacting with Rarity again in a more submissive role whenever she’s around. I have no idea what it’s supposed to say for her character in a lot of cases, but it’s still a personal opinion that can go into ideas of sexism, charm and speech manipulation. But I still like it for what it is. Rarity using her wits and charm to get the help that she needed and in the end finding an easier solution to the keyboard problem. Maybe I’ll try not to over think everything, but I still wonder how she knew how to play a keyboard anyway. I’m Penny Wrights and I’m gonna do a search for Mozart played on a synthesizer.