• CHRYSALIS Music: The Empty Tomb - INSECT [Hybrid Trap] / SP1TF1R3 - Insecta Regno [Melbourne Bounce]

    The Empty Tomb's contribution to Equinity 04 Immersion is a wicked banger of a Chrysalis tribute, making AWESOME use of vocal samples of her in the track! With the nasty wubs depicting the Queen's rage and attack, and her mad laugh resonating in the track, this beauty is so befitting best villain and I appreciate it so much! Next up in this dual post, SP1TF1R3's own Chryssy-themed beauty and contribution to the compilation album is paying tribute to her as well with an equally lovely use of vocal samples, and her "Nyaha!♥" to fall in love for can also be heard in the song! Taste Chryssy's awesomeness in the Melbourne Bounce piece infused with the presence of the Queen! I just love character-themed fan works like these so much!!

    The Empty Tomb - INSECT

    SP1TF1R3 - Insecta Regno