• "What It Means To Be A Brony" Music: MC-Arch - #TakeItBack [Hip Hop]

    MC-Arch's latest rap piece written with the heart is meant to be a "wake-up call" as explained in the description, to remind everyone what makes us bronies! Among other things, perhaps the most important or unique aspect is how we're spreading the values and messages from the show, trying to change the world! As illustrated by the part at 4:51 especially! Simply watching the same show doesn't make you a brony, but learning from the episodes/movies and applying those lessons does! I'll still believe in the true brony spirit, that I believed in since I found out about the community: we can change the world, even if we're only doing baby steps! So let's keep doing our part! Spread love, be kind, respectful and open-minded, care for another, don't betray friendships, don't look down on others... I don't think the people reading this post will be the kind of people who need to hear this, but please keep fighting the good fight! Let's show MC-Arch that he is far from alone! Let's respond to his feelings in kind! Onwards to the comments section on YouTube!