• TCB Remixes EP: Tw3Lv3 - SIMP EP [Drum & Bass]

    Tw3Lv3's EP dedicated to remixes of musical god TCB, SIMP EP, is out on Bandcamp!! And alongside the release, the remix of Only One from the EP got released on YouTube. This is perhaps the first time that a song on an upcoming compilation album gets an early download! (Yes, the remix is also a part of Equinity 04 Immersion that will drop on February 19th!) The emotion from the original Only One is present in yet another new way in Tw3Lv3's DnB remix of it, making creative use of the vocal chops and showcasing a new arrangement that has its own share of wonders. I'm so glad to get another new alternate version of the song, with new emotion!

    Download the EP from Bandcamp here, and check out the YouTube upload of Only One (Tw3Lv3 Remix) here (also embedded below the break)!