• Stargazing In Equestria Music: Songbird Choir - Watching the Stars [Orchestral]

    Not without reminding of the start of Moonlit Wilderness from Genshin Impact, this Night song from Songbird Choir is a most wonderful experience with the ponies in Equestria, Watching the Stars together. The heart-warming vibes conveyed by the piano are so soft and tender and like the warm embrace of a fellow pony's hug. And just as you thought it was gonna be Piano Solo, a strong and colorful Orchestral part kicks in and surprises you! Songbird definitely has a lot up their sleeve! At the end of the stargazing and the end of the track, it's time for a mellow reflection of the bonds shared with your friends, as you lay down on the grass of that hill and close your eyes while holding hooves under the compassionate watch of Luna's Night sky.