• Rumor: Possible My Little Pony G5 Logo Revealed from Taobao?

    A seller over on Taobao has a new listing up for the rings we posted a few days ago. What's strange about it is their stock images. One of them has a completely new, never before seen logo, as seen above (vectored by someone on 4chan). This has sparked the rumor-mill, and of course we can't just ignore it with G5 so close.

    There is all sorts of speculation how surrounding the product and where this shop picked up that merchandising. The actual box for the rings has the old-school G4 logo, but a good chunk of the characters are unknowns. This isn't completely new since Hasbro has had their own toy-only ponies for ages, but it does give us something to chew on while we wait for their presentation next month.

    Anyway, what do you think? Would you be happy with this logo if it turns out to be legit?