• New My Little Pony G4.5 Pony Life McDonalds Figures Begin Tomorrow!


    My Little Pony will be joining Transformers as this month's McDonalds toy release, starring four characters across the month. As marked in the image above, expect them at the following dates: 


    • Pinkie Pie - 7-13th
    • Fluttershy - 14-20th
    • Rarity - 28th - 3 Feb
    • Rainbow Dash  - 4-10 Feb

    If they are anything like previous releases, these are more "guidelines" rather than anything set in stone. Feel free to ask for specific characters as sometimes they get a box and just toss 'em in the pile.

    Transformers below.

    Thanks to Benji for the heads up. Scanned by these guys.