• More Pony Music! It's a Wonderful World!

    The world begins with you! With those wise words, welcome to this new roundup post of MORE pony music! Right when you thought that there was already so much talent and passion in those solo posts, let me show you how there is even more to it, once again! New originals, covers, remixes, a mega group collab, and a captivating and artistic experience by Xol The Great are all awaiting you in this post!

    1. Skyshard & fishpaste2100 - Applebuckin' (Aviators Cover)

    Instrumental - Orchestral

    A lovely and appreciated instrumental cover of Aviators' love song toward Applejack (that sadly got privated)!

    2. Rubber & APPL3JVCK - Stealing Tracks (TheTaZe Diss)

    Vocal - Hip Hop

    Rubber and APPL3JVCK answered the call to make a diss song about the unfortunate actions of TheTaZe/SkylabPony! Let's hope that kind of things never happens again!

    3. SmD House - Feeling Safe

    Instrumental - Chillout

    A cuddly song filled with SmD House's signature sound!

    4. Violight - The Heart Carol (Vocal Cover) (feat. 17 Friends)

    Vocal - Soundtrack

    It's always so wonderful witnessing the community coming together for mega collabs like these! This Vocal Cover of the Hearth's Warming song featuring 18 vocalists is so lovely and heart-warming!

    5. Matías Peñaloza - Being Big is All It Takes (Piano Cover)

    Instrumental - Piano

    Matías Peñaloza is back!! And hasn't lost their touch at beautiful piano arrangements and performances of MLP songs as you will be able to hear!

    6. Mitsukai Sound Systems - Flutterbeat

    Vocal - Triphop

    This cool and laid-back piece is infused with cute Fluttersamples and it's such an awesome initiative from Mitsukai who is a musician I didn't know of before! Yay!

    Thanks to Robbie Rodriguez for sending it in!

    Listen to the song from Soundcloud here.

    7. Daniel Ingram - Raise This Barn (Rod Steven Remix)

    Vocal - Eurobeat

    Rod Steven contributing to keep the light of Eurobeat alight in the community!

    8. Japkozjad - Rainbow Badass Dash

    Instrumental - Trap

    A cool Trap track for cool Dash! It's even featuring a little animation of her in the video!

    9. Xol The Great - How Trixie Got A Teacup That May or May Not Include Twilight and Pinkie Pie feat. Charlie Brown

    Vocal - Ambient

    This is so artistic, mesmerizing and soothing, check it out! The unique visuals along the atmosphere of the Ambient soundscapes are really transporting you to another world and it's so comfy somehow! Check my comment there for more details about why I loved it so much!

    10. Honest - Under Water

    Instrumental - Drum & Bass

    A pony musician I didn't know of before, Honest got quite the mystical DnB composition here, short yet showing a lot of potential! Let's wish Honest the best for their future endeavors!

    11. Nyancat380 - Indifferent

    Instrumental - Deathstep

    Nyancat380 is back in full force on a computer DAW, and it shows!! Savor this fresh Deathstep banger straight from the Sugarcube Corner oven!

    Also check out the other recent releases from the musician, L.I.M.B.O. Protocol and Trixie's Infierno: Luster-net!

    (Kinda grimdark cover art warning - hey it could be ketchup, see it as that!)

    Check out the song on YouTube here!


    Bolt the Super-Pony - PonyvilleFM 10th Anniversary Set - LIVE Eurobeat Mix

    Complete Disregard for Pony Life - 15°18'18.0556", -088°58'35.0301"

    Valoria - PonyVilleFM 10 Year Anniversary Mix

    There's another treasure chest in the dungeon! Open it up to grab some extra music for Dedicated Pony Music Fans!