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    • Will Tempest get her Horn Back?
    • How To Fix the Storm King
    • The Time-Lapse of the stories leading to The Last Problem
    • The Rise of Lightning Dust

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    Will Tempest get her Horn Back?
    By Double C

    Tempest Shadow aka Fizzlepop Berrytwist lost her horn to an ursa minor that resulted in her in being homeless and abandoning friendship. She then joined the Storm King’s army who promised her to restore her horn for “loyal” service. But he was only using her to get what he wanted just like what any backstabbing villain does. But there is some chance that she might get her wish of at least to do magic again that doesn’t explode. She has shown in many comics especially in season 10 that she has truly redeemed herself and should deserve it.

    It’s unknown if there is a spell book that could restore a horn that Twilight, Starswirl, and Stygian could find. In opinion it would be too dangerous to even try for it could even more issues.

    The most likely is she gets a prostatic horn that Twilight made for her. I’ve seen many art work that depicts her have one but with different designs. The prostatic would have to be made of a special material that can withstand the stress of magic which will involve trial and error.

    What do you guys think, will Tempest get a new horn?

    How To Fix the Storm King
    By IronYoshi

    Almost a year ago, I wrote a story on FIMFiction where Celestia and Queen Novo were kidnapped by the Storm King and forced to fight in his arena. I thought it would be a fun thing to do, but above all, I wanted to do something to the Storm King that hasn't been done much; make him a better character .

    Truth be told, the Storm King was a lot of wasted potential. Outside of a really cool design, his character and his appearance in the movie felt like an afterthought. But where official media faulters, the fans come in and try to salvage what they can. And the Storm King could have been one of the all-time great villains, but for whatever reason, he just ended up being very underwhelming. So how do we fix that? How do we make the Storm King better?

    First, establish him more, give him backstory. Who was he before? Where did he come from? What is he suppose to be, a yeti, a saytr? These are the questions to help flesh him out. Like, let's say he was a part of a tribe of yetis that live in the mountains far from Equestria, but he was arrogant, unhinged, and craving power. After trying to stage a coup and overthrow the tribe's Elders, he was banished from the tribe and struck out on his own, gaining enough of a following to gain a position of power and conquer the lands beyond Equestria. Bam, backstory. It may not be the best one out there, but its better than nothing.

    Next, establish his character. The movie was fairly inconsistent with this, often showing the full brunt of his might but also making him look like a bumbling goof. It didn't help that he was barely in the movie too. If they wanted to establish him as both a threatening and comedic villain, then fine. There's been plenty of villains who are both intimidating and goofy (Aku and Bowser come to mind), and I think in the right hands, the Storm King can be written as a major threat while also being a tad silly. Also, he should have been in the movie more rather than just popping up near the end.

    Finally, I would personally have none other than Queen Novo be his rival. Now, I talked about in the past my personal headcanon that the Storm King was the one responsible for killing Novo's husband during the invasion of Mount Aris, and that it changed the Queen. I think having Novo face off against the Storm King would be really cool to see. It would allow her to settle the score.

    The Storm King was such a lousy villain, and it's a shame he was just tossed aside. Personally I feel like he has the potential to be great. Hopefully G5 will give him his due. If not, well that's what fanfics are for, right?

    The Time-Lapseof the stories leading to The Last Problem
    By: FlareGun45

    So I am still quite excited for what the rest of the season 10 comics hafta offer! But there's one thing that's making me a bit nervous about the comics that I hope doesn't happen, and that's everything happening at once. Not all simultaneously, but more like, months or even weeks next to eachother.

    Yunno the stories of Nightmare Moon, Discord, the Pillars, King Sombra, and Tirek and Scorpan's attack - they all happened at the SAME year - a thousand years ago. Was it approximate? I have no idea. But the show makes it seem like everything happened next to eachother - all the historical events, causing it to be an uneventful thousand years before the events of the series premiere. That is, unless there is some parts of history within the gap that's not being talked about.

    So we got our first Last Problem fate story already - the romance between Pinkie and Cheese coming up. It's expected that the comics are gonna cover some stuff like this, I'm just hoping it's not ALL gonna happen at once - from Yona taking over Carousel Boutique, to the CMCs becoming teachers, to Spike being the ambassador, to Rainbow Dash being Wonderbolt Captain. They all seem like great story potential, and I do want it all to happen - I'm just hoping there'd be more of a time-gap in the middle - and start seeing the ages of these characters change and become more visible.

    I would love to see how the story of the CMCs become teachers, but it would be best to show that, while they're at least in their teens. It wouldn't seem right for the CMCs to become teachers when they're still at school right now! Gallus becoming a guard seems like a good idea, but later, not while he's still attending at the school. Maybe there could be something that LEADS him to becoming a guard, like him wanting to become one. Just not the best idea to have him join the academy when he's still at the friendship school, yunno?

    So hopefully season 10 has multiple years within it that leads to the Last Problem. It kinda depends on how big season 10 is gonna be, or will there be a season 11 or 12? Regardless, I would think it's for the best for all these stories to be spread out, and NOT happen all at once. It would seem too coincidental, and would lead to many uneventful years as well.

    The Rise of Lightning Dust
    By Alexrioponylover95

    Hello everycreature!

    Yes, this is the title I went with, I don’t know why I picked that, but I also apologize for nothing…


    In Wonderbolts Academy, we were introduced to a minor antagonist in the form of Lightning Dust, where after having lost to Rainbow Dash, is kicked out of the Wonderbolts to a fate unknown… Until we get to Season 8, in The Washouts, where, well we see Lightning Dust has formed her own little group, the Washouts, the wonderbolt cadets who have been rejected and are now a stunt team. And at the end, Lightning Dust is blasted off, just like Team Rocket, and declares, “RIVALS FOR LIIIIIFE!” Which means she could return, to finish off a trilogy of her vs Rainbow Dash.

    Now of course the show has ended, so we can’t see it in animated form, but we have the Season 10 comics still and a chance for Lightning Dust to return. How exactly? Well Lightning most likely still has the Washouts and will most likely use that as a means to get back at Rainbow Dash. Maybe during a Wonderbolts show, the Washouts come in, to upstage the Wonderbolts and hold the attention of the crowd.

    Maybe than Rainbow and Lightning will have a competition, either between their teams or just those two, to finally decide who’s the best flyer, period and the loser has to leave their team and allow the winner to join the other side, or something along those lines. One of them ends up suffering an injury, maybe Lightning, since Rainbow already suffered a flight related injury in Wonderbolts Academy, and Rainbow turns back around and helps out Lightning.

    Or maybe if Lightning doesn’t have the Washouts anymore, she could personally go after Rainbow, maybe Lightning attacks Rainbow and it ends with the two getting stuck somewhere. Maybe even one of them gets stuck like how Rainbow did in May the Best Pet Win! and it’s up to the other whether or not to free the trapped one, again more likely Lightning being the one to get trapped, since Rainbow was already trapped like that. The two could then reconcile with each other, ending with a reformed Lightning Dust, maybe even a chance to rejoin the Wonderbolts?

    Of course those two could still carry on their rivalry for many years, (Like a drawing I once saw of old Rainbow and Lightning engaged in a shouting match) and never get past their differences. Or The Washouts could have ended Lightning Dust’s story and we will never know what happens to her next.

    However I feel like it would be more appropriate to give Lightning a chance at reformation, see a side of her we never got to see and let her see the error in her ways. But what do you think will happen with Lightning Dust and will we see her return?