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    • Can Ships from Equestria Girls Exist in Equestria?
    • It's Not Looking Good for G5
    • How They Ruined Trixie
    • Is the Storm King really dead and can he be restored?

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    Can Ships from Equestria Girls Exist in Equestria?
    By Double C

    Fans of Flashlight including myself believed that if Twilight didn’t fall for human Flash, then she wouldn’t have notice pony Flash. Even though Twi-Sci has fallen for Timber but I’m more focus on the pony versions but their always a change of heart. With Equestria Girls progress more both in the show, comics, and novels we saw four of the Mane 6 have found love interest. But the question is can the others exist with the pony versions. Here are some I found that could workout.

    Rarity and Ragamuffin: I’ve already made a soapbox that you can look at. I was surprised to see pony version of Ragamuffin in the season 10 comics.

    Applejack and Dirk Thistleweed: This one is interesting for when they first meet in Accountibilibuddies it was part of the Chose Your Ending where fans like the Rainbow ending. Now Applejack blushing was more of a fan girl crush then an actually one but that didn’t stop fans. The one thing said is that he shares similarities to Rarity which fans believe he is male counter for Applejack. In Equestria, I can imagine these two getting together since they both like to play the guitar and would play a duet since I’m a fan of country music. To let you guys know about his possible talent, thistle is a common name of a group of flowering plants that has been used for medicine use and a symbol in Scotland and France. So he is a medicine pony who treats things from sour throats to live problems.

    Fluttershy and Sandalwood: This one started from "My Secret Crush" section of the My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Canterlot High Tell-All. Both love nature and caring to animals so fans instantly shipped them. His pony counterpart is still unknown but is most likely an earth pony. Since he is a hippy, he must know Tree Hugger and also is a member of the Equestrian Society for the Preservation of Rare Creatures so he and Fluttershy may also have met.

    Now it is unlikely that some ships from Equestria Girls can find their way into Equestria for the pony versions of the Mane 6. If there were any ships I would like to happen that is AppleDirk and Sandalshy. I’m not a fan of Applejack being paired with Caramel and Dirk seems to be the better choice in my opinion. Just to let the guys know if you don't ship it that's fine but don't leave mean comments for those who just like to have fun making suggestions.


    It's Not Looking Good for G5
    By: Tadashi Satoru (FirePuppy)

    Oh god, this is getting ridiculous! 2020 has been quite an unpleasant year for everyone, with the COVID-19 pandemic having wreaked havoc all across the world, especially in the United States. The pandemic has even delayed almost every upcoming movie (both live action and animated) since last March, especially all of those from Paramount -- EXCEPT one. That film still not impacted by the pandemic for more than nine months now is none other than G5 of My Little Pony.

    To make matters even worse, we've gotten absolutely nothing other than a few hints about this new generation within the WHOLE year of 2020. And unlike this film, all of Paramount's other upcoming films (those impacted by COVID-19) have casts and/or plot summaries, and this one still doesn't have either one! I've checked every single movie website like Box Office Mojo, IMDb, and Movie Insider, only to see a bunch of nothingnesses.

    At the rate it's going, it's not looking good at all for G5. Unless we get something, ANYTHING at all online by this spring, the worst that could ever happen will happen.


    How They Ruined Trixie
    By: Ephrom Josine

    When The Great And Powerful Trixie first appeared, she had the misfortune of being in "Boast Busters," widely considered to be one of the worst episodes of Season One, if not the whole show. As a character, she was only created for the episode's moral ("Don't be arrogant") but was certainly the best part of an otherwise boring twenty-two minutes. Her arrogance and referring to herself in the third person was fun, but it seemed like she filled her use and would be pointless to bring back.

    Season Three did give us "Magic Duel," a fun episode in its own right, but again, everything about the episode made it clear we were unlikely to see Trixie again. She might come back every now and again, but she'd never become anything more than an occasional supporting character, and nothing more. Considering I rather liked Trixie and wanted to see more of her, this was very disappointing.

    When she became Starlight's friend in "No Second Prances," I was beyond excited. Not only did this mean we could see more Trixie, but we also saw she was more than the arrogant showpony we had seen her as previously. She did want to be liked, and at least understood that she could screw up. She was still a touch arrogant, but she still lived in reality. "To Where And Back Again" expanded upon this, giving Starlight and Trixie a chance to shine. This is easily my favorite two-parter, combining a fun road trip story with focus on interesting characters in different situations.

    However, Trixie was flanderized horribly, easily the worst of any character on all of Friendship Is Magic. It started with "All Bottled Up," where Trixie went from arrogant but aware to impossibly pretentious and blind to reality. Of course, Trixie had to be intolerable so Starlight could literally bottle up her emotions (why did she do that by the way?)--wow just using Trixie as a tool for the moral instead of as a character, which episode has done that before?

    It seemed like the show disagreed with me on if this was good or the worst idea they'd ever had. Season Seven's two other Trixie episodes ("To Change A Changling" and "Uncommon Bound") are better in this regard, but it will still clear that the old Trixie would not be making a comeback. And Season Eight's "On The Road To Friendship" and Season Nine's "A Horse Shoe-In" brought flanderized Trixie back and worse than ever. Hence why Trixie in Season Nine has gone from someone who does care about the feelings of others and doesn't always think through her actions to someone who just shouts at people she doesn't like and does things that nobody could consider a good idea.

    Trixie went from a fun character who I wanted to see more of to someone I hated, and it was all because they changed her from an arrogant but good hearted person into arrogance and nothing else.


    Is the Storm King really dead and can he be restored?
    By: ManaMinori

    Ok, before I get into this discussion, I already know that the majority of fans will swear that the Storm King is, in fact, very dead. I mean, we saw him smashed to pieces at the end of the MLP movie, didn’t we? Of course we did. I can’t really argue against that fact that that did actually happen. So what in the wide world of Equestria could motivate me to question the fact that he could still be alive and quite possibly restored, I hear you ask? Well, I’m glad you asked- as there are many instances that are provided by various forms of MLP canon that can support this theory. Within the MLP cartoon series, it is shown that Discord- although having been turned to stone by the Elements of Harmony, was quite capable of hearing conversations that were being carried on around him (and wanting to roll his eyes at them). “But Mana-” I can already hear you all asking. “”The Storm King was broken to pieces! Discord wasn’t! That’s hardly a fair comparison” And yes, that is true. So let’s instead take a look at an instance where someone suffered the same fate.

    Presenting exhibit B- The My Little Pony: FIENDship Is Magic comic issue #1. In this issue, we see Sombra- who is not yet a King, turn Princess Amore of the Crystal Empire to stone. After she attempts to persuade him that he can change his destiny and become good- a path contrary to the reflections of his heart that the Crystal Heart had showed him years prior. And after failing to persuade Radiant Hope to his side to join his cause, Sombra then destroys Amore by shattering her to pieces in front of Hope. And while he mockingly urges Hope to “restore her”, his inner dialogue admitted to not actually destroying Princess Amore, even though he shattered her, but to cast her pieces of statues throughout the world, and leaving the possibility open for someone to eventually restore her.

    But alas, in comic issues #34- 37 (Seige of the Crystal Empire), which serve as thee continuation to FIENDship is Magic #1, we have Cadance suggesting she and Twilight be turned to stone upon the crystal Dias as a public execution, of sorts. And the following dialogue from an Umbrum stating that they will “eliminate the Princesses from the world once and for all” suggests that that fate of stone imprisonment is one of permanence, whether they are left intact or not. And of course, if could be argued that turning them to stone will, by technicality, allow them to be permanently stripped of their mobility, but by no means completely exterminate their material forms from existence, as we have seen many instances where victims that had been turned to stone were brought back with renewed mobility. Now, again, this brings us to Princess Amore and the fate she had of being shattered. At the end of this arc we see Radiant Hope and a reformed Sombra take off to travel the world in hopes of finding and gathering the broken pieces of the Shikon Jewel….I mean, Princess Amore’s scattered stone pieces.

    It is heavily eluded to that beings that are turned to stone and shattered, even if scattered through the entire world- can be allowed to be reanimated as they were, if all of them are found. Now, the liklihood of this happening with Amore is rather slim, given the wider range of her scattered bits. How about the Storm King? Well- unlike Amore, he had the fortune of being dropped from a castle balcony’s height and shattered, which would place all of his pieces in the immediate vicinity of the castle courtyard. However, that would then beg the question of whether there would be anyone who would actually be willing to gather the Storm King’s pieces and hope to reverse the stone spell’s magic? And, well, the answer is….most likely not. His subordinates seemed happier during the ending credits of the MLP movie, with the Storm King no longer around, so they wouldn’t be the ones to attempt that, nor would the ponies themselves. So I think that the question of “Is the Storm King Really Dead?” is a ‘no’, and “can be be revived?” is a ‘yes’, it ultimately would hinge on the willingness of a motive of somepony or creature to collect his stone pieces and reanimate him, which leaves the question as a whole as “maybe”.