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    • More Spike and Gabby moments!
    • IDW Idea: Dealing With Bounty Hunters and Hitmen
    • If Pinkie can do it, so can I!
    • Was Spike Kidnapped?

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    More Spike and Gabby moments!
    By: FlareGun45

    Dragon Dropped, in my opinion, was one of the best episodes of season 9! I know it made Rarity look really creepy, but I was just glad Spike finally dropped that crush on her, turning it into just a close friendship - and Gabby? She was a really good choice as Spike's new gf! Yes, I know it was just IMPLIED, but hey, it works! They're both very positive, they'd do anything for their friends, they're better than most of their dragons/griffins (not to be racist lol).

    Really, this is a relationship/friendship that needs more stories. The main reason Gabby goes to Ponyville, however, is because she's paid to give Grandpa Gruff reports on Gallus' progress - and now that Spike's in Canterlot, it's not gonna be easy for her to visit him. He's got a really busy job to do as well, so he's barely gonna have enough time for her too, and that's just upsetting that he can't even see his special somegrif when he wants to.

    Hmm, makes me wonder WHY Gallus became a Royal Guard in the first place. Sure, he wanted to become one, but I don't think it was Twilight that hired him! ;) Either that, or Gabby became Griffinstone's ambassador so Spike gets to see her all the time in meetings!

    Still, my point is, in the comics, I really wanna see more of Spike and Gabby together - and without Rarity in the way, of course - there's already alota Spike/Rarity stories, let's make way for Spike's relationship with his other friends! And by that standards, maybe more Rarity moments with some of HER non-Mane 6 friends, like Coco, Sassy, and that one pony from Best Gift Ever, I forgot his name.

    Who knows? Maybe Spike and Gabby could be a confirmed couple in a comic! It depends on how far the comic writers wanna go - they really went beyond what FIM never do in the first few Season 10 issues so far (don't wanna spoil it tho), so I won't say it's unlikely!

    IDW Idea: Dealing With Bounty Hunters and Hitmen
    By Double C

    If there was any groups that the Mane 6 would face both a threat and friendship problem that is bounty hunters and hitmen. In case some of you guys don’t know who they are, bounty hunters and hitmen are professions that are paid professionals but very differently. A hit man is hired by someone to take out specific targets that that person wants eliminated. A bounty hunter works on their own to return fugitives/criminal suspects for rewards. Though different in their methods, they both either have received training from or have been in the Royal Guards but do it for the money. They would introduce the criminal underworlds that have their own planes that Twilight and her friends will face in future series.

    After watching the John Wick films, it shows that hitmen have access to the best armor, weapons, and spells that Royal Guards could not. This will put ones like Shinning Armor, Flash Sentry, Fizzlepop Berrytwist, and Pharynx at a disadvantage. Bounty hunters on the other have to use whatever they can get ahold of in order to accomplish their task that they are being paid. The ones who would put a hit on the Mane 6 are those who hates them like Wind Rider, Svengallop, or, Gladmane. I suggested these three because their the kind of villains who would rather let others do their dirty work while not getting their own hoofs dirty.

    While they both are seen mainly as villains, there are some that our main and supportive characters will be introduced to antiheros. Antiheros are equaled in popularity with heroes but use questionable methods to fight for justice whom fans love about them. Twilight and her friends would have an extremely hard time to even being around those who would prefer using violence instead of peaceful. Many antiheros may have had a tragic backstory that no one will understand and doing it their way while maintaining their conscience. Spike and Fluttershy would understand them better because these two knows what it’s like to be an outcast.

    IDW will have lots of fun adding these two different groups for our favorite characters to either faceoff or work with in future comics.


    If Pinkie can do it, so can I!
    By: FlareGun45

    So, I made a post about A Friend in Deed a while back talkin' bout why it's better if Pinkie failed to connect with Cranky - and alota people seemed to disagree with that, so.... if Pinkie can do it, then can ANY of us do it?

    "Everyone's my friend and I like to see my friends smile!" I've been trying to do that all my life! I've been doing favors, I been remembering stuff for people - I might not throw big parties for them, maybe they don't like big parties, and parties are expensive here in this world. I'd like to do everyting in my power to earn a friendship, and gain as MANY friends as possible! Looking at Pinkie, she makes it look so easy! I wanna do that too! I wanna succeed in getting as many friends as possible - maybe to the point with EVERYONE being my friend!

    If Pinkie's ways in that episode are so agreeable by the fandom, then odds are, any of us could do it if we tried hard enough, right? Were we not supposed to take these friendship lessons on FIM seriously? Like really, if we are, basically the lesson is: anyone can be a friend, unless they're a villain. So should I say, if someone doesn't wanna be friends with me, they're bad guys, right? They should get reformed or imprisoned or something? I'm not saying it's illegal to not be friends, but how it seems to look in FIM, anyone who doesn't wanna be friends with someone is basically evil. Dunno if that's true or not, I'm sayin', that's what I got from this show.

    Friendship is magic, brahs! Let's make it more real!


    Was Spike Kidnapped?

    By Alexrioponylover95

    Hello everycreature!

    So a soapbox about Spike that’s not written by FlareGun45… What kind of reality is this!? (I’m actually not sure if he did in fact cover this topic, but even if he did, this is my take!)


    Was Spike kidnapped? And when I say kidnapped, did the ponies take him away from the Dragon Lands?

    Well lets see what we know… We know that Spike was still an egg when Twilight hatched him as part of her entrance exam and did in fact hatch him and that was in the school of gifted unicorns. Either the egg was given by consent or taken by the ponies.

    It could have been by consent more likely, we do know that in the episode, Sweet and Smoky, dragon eggs are left in a group, being kept warm by the lava until ready to hatch. And well maybe no one claimed Spike’s egg or his parents in fact died… Which is a little sad to think about…

    However the egg could have somehow rolled out, down mountains before coming to a stop far away from the dragon lands. Some pony, most likely from Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns, heck maybe Celestia herself, could have found the egg and well brought it back to the school. And I guess it was lucky that pony did, who knows… Some other creature, not as kind, could have found the egg and well… Turned Spike into scrambled eggs…

    Or some thief, whether or not a pony could have stolen it from the Dragon Lands, for whatever reason, maybe for profit or again a delicious meal and Spike, again, could have been saved and taken to the school. However that brings up another question… Why was it not returned to the Dragon Lands?

    Of course I guess whoever brought the egg to the school didn’t know exactly what kind of egg it was, maybe bringing it to the school to determine so or to keep it safe where no harm can come to it. Only why did it take so long to figure out or Celestia giving it back to the dragons, surely the dragons would have noticed an egg missing right? Or did they just not care enough? Which is not too hard to believe since most dragons don’t care about being kind.

    Either way, I am glad that whatever happened to Spike while he was still in the egg, happened and he grew up with Twilight and her family. Twilight and Spike are my most favorite non-romantic relationship in the show and they are like family to each other, even if they’re not biologically related. And as The Last Problem showed, even after all these years, they’re still together. Although now I’m wondering if Spike ever did learn about his real family…

    However maybe that can be its own separate post another day, but what do you think about Spike being kidnapped or not?