• PonyFest Online! Returns This Weekend With An End-of-the-Year Concert

    Another PonyFest Online happens this weekend for anyone that enjoyed the last few events they threw over the year. Expect a concert, virtual vendor halls, and more as usual!

    Checkm the presser out below.

    PonyFest Online! Returns This Weekend With An End-of-the-Year Concert

    The PonyFest Online! team is excited to bring you our fifth event of 2020 this weekend, and we're waving goodbye to the year that was in style with a one-day concert -- and we'd love for you to be there!

    Live from our Twitch streams and our website, catch two different virtual stages of music, featuring 32 of the fandom's top musicians and acts.

    They include: 4EverfreeBrony, Andy Feelin, BeatSpark, BlackIceMusic, Bolt the Super-Pony, Brilliant Venture, Crusader!, DeafBronyASL, DoTheDaringDew, Drummershy, Elevative, Faulty, FilledSihoutte, FlyoverRob, General Mumble & Koa, John Kenza --

    *deep breath, turns over page*

    --Khaliber, Lavender, MelodyBrony, mycutiemarkisagun, Nevermourn, Odyssey Eurobeat, PrinceWhateverer, Prowox, Rod Steven, Sound Bandit, Stinkanimal and the Bad Smells, TCB, theoneGalen, TheTaZe, Whirlywind and Whirly Tail!

    And not only will you be able to catch these sets on our website/Twitch -- the main stage (Bit Rate stage) will ALSO be broadcast live from Ponytown, where you'll be able to both watch AND listen to the sets while playing the super-popular Ponytown game. We KNOW you like that.

    Want a sneak peek? Check out this tweet.


    Our Discord will also feature a small vendor hall made up of any merch our musician lineup would like to sell, plus a small sampling of staff artists at PonyFest.

    Speaking of merch. We've got it this time, too.

    For the first time, you can purchase officially sanctioned PonyFest Online! merch at our concert, in the form of a for-charity concert t-shirt featuring Bit Rate on the front and our lineup on the back. See below for an image; ALL proceeds from this Techycutie-designed shirt will go to the Coalition for the Homeless. Buy here!


    PonyFest Online's concert kicks off Dec. 12 with a brief opening ceremony at 4:45 p.m. ET, followed by music that runs well into the night -- 2 a.m. ET the next day, to be exact! For a full rundown of who's playing when, click here for our schedule; the website schedule's times should change to whatever your time zone is.

    Come jam with us. Come buy a shirt. Come play some Ponytown. We'll see you Dec. 12!