• More Pony Music! Onwards to a New Year Full of Pony Music!

    Who's ready to celebrate our community's creativity and activity in the music side one more time in 2020 while we still can? Soon it will be 2021, but you can bet there is gonna be a lot of pony music in the new year as well! It's truly amazing how thriving we are as a community! Get some more releases from the pony music scenes below! Lots of awesome and lovely initiatives!

    Stay strong everypony, the future will be brighter, cling to those who give you true Friendship, keep being yourselves and spreading your Passion! I'm with you my beloved brothers and sisters, and always will be!

    1. Cantersoft - Princess Luna's "Nay" Song

    Vocal - Nay

    This is too cute not to share..! As the descriptions says, all sounds in this were made using Luna's voice.

    2. To Smile! - Snowdrop (Covering ElectroKaplosion)

    Instrumental - Acoustic

    To Smile/Rinnie's own heartfelt cover of Snowdrop for Hearth's Warming!

    3. Agatan & Sakairi - Have yourself a Merry little Christmas (Instrumental by PianoNest)

    Vocal - Classic Pop

    Agatan and Sakairi are wishing us a happy holiday through this little song, so very lovely!

    4. Ardhy Mahardhy - Sunsets

    Instrumental - Future Bass

    New refreshing and tasty song by Ardhy, with Sunset Shimmer in the video art!

    5. Nyancat380 - Sorry

    Instrumental - House

    A reflective song expressing sadnesss, with sampled vocals from "The Cure - Boys Don't Cry".

    6. Nicolas Dominique - Coffee Rush

    Instrumental - Drum & Bass

    I can so relate to Pinkie in the artwork used in this video sometimes...

    7. SpinScissor - OMN1

    Instrumental - Electronic

    In SpinScissor's words, "tunes to help bring all of us together seems like a fantastic avenue for emotional expression", and that's so true and lovely!

    8. SeriousDamir - Chant of Immortality (Covering 4EverfreeBrony)

    Vocal - Alternative Rock

    The union of the guitar and bass give a refreshing Rock spin to 4EverfreeBrony's classic!

    9. Rhapsody HC - Equestria Girls Remastered Mashups

    Vocal - Mashups

    Description from Argamis who submitted this: "This is a 2020 Christmas/Holidays compilation of previous mashups (now remastered), this time using the "Official" (leaked) Acapellas/Instrumentals from DHX. It consists of a selection of 12 of the best previous MLP Mashups of this brony musician, now sounding better than ever."

    Download the whole album of mashups from OneDrive here!

    10. PrinceWhateverer & Jalmaan - Enemy Undefined (Club Mix)

    Vocal - Drum & Bass

    For Hearth's Warming, Jalmaan prepared this little gift for us, that gives quite a cool and awesome spin to the Part 3 of the cherished Destabilize!

    11. Stallionslaughter - KAH

    Vocal - Metal

    Stallionslaughter presents the opener track of the new album! Short yet such a bliss, it shows a preview of the level of awesome that you could expect from the album!
    (gore imagery and strong language warning)
    Listen to the song from YouTube here.

    12. SnivyG.Absol - Together, Against the Sisters (Covering Jyc Row & PrinceWhateverer)

    Vocal - Orchestral

    SnivyG.Absol's grand tribute to a grand piece!

    13. BeatSpark - The Beginning

    Instrumental - Chillout

    Such a comfy and emotional atmosphere in this short yet gorgeous track from BeatSpark!

    14. RareRhyme - Gone Tomorrow

    Vocal - Hip Hop

    An emotional instrumental completed by heartfelt rapping from RareRhyme, with a personal message!

    15. zahqo - Two Stars (feat. Haymaker) (Dandelion Remix)

    Vocal - Alternative Electronic

    Dandelion is paying tribute to zahqo and Haymaker's original track all while spreading positivity and support in the description, and that's so appreciated!!

    Important Info: Most of Dandelion's music can now be downloaded in better audio quality from Pony.fm!


    Whirly Tail - PonyFest Online 2020 Wrap Up Concert

    Prowox @ PonyFest Online 2020 Wrap Up Concert

    There's another treasure chest in the dungeon! Open it up to grab some extra music for Dedicated Pony Music Fans!