• Hard Reset Getting a Reprint in January

    The fanfiction Hard Reset is getting a reprint for anyone that missed the initial round years ago. Way back in 3013 to be exact! The entire thing clocks in at 504 pages in a hardcover binding for $68 including shipping. You can set up an order now with a deadline of January 10, 2021, details on that can be found below.

    Press release: 

    Hard Reset is getting printed, order now, deadline is January 10th 2021.

    Only $68, shipping included. Hard cover, 504 pages.

    The fanfiction can be found over here.

    Pictures of the book are here: https://postimg.cc/gallery/k4ZFyrs

    Fill out the order form first, then go pay for it.

    The order form is here: https://forms.gle/69QJNEYtNMUNZvXW8 In the "Book
    Amount - Hard Reset" field, type 1, unless you want more than one copy.
    The order form is necessary to record the address to which the book will
    be mailed.

    Next, go to https://nonexistent.ltd/ Add The Time Loop Trilogy to your
    cart. View cart. Proceed to checkout. Pay with a credit card (or a Visa
    Gift Card, that works too).

    All the books get printed in one batch. Order your copy before January 10th.

    If you have questions, go to https://discord.gg/YzbVSKs and ask in the
    #books channel or use the Private Message function to PM the publisher
    of this book @//​#9582 .

    or if you prefer,

    Ask your questions in the comments on this FiMFiction blog post:
    FiMFiction also does Private Messages so you can do that as well.