• Flutter Bully's Brony Music Database! Songs Sorted by Genre in 311 Playlists!

    A labor of love started more than a year ago, pony musician Flutter Bully went through every single spotlight music post on EQD since their inception (and plans on going through my "More Pony Music" posts as well), and arranged their favorites into a LOT of playlists of genres! Not only showing dedication, that initiative could help you find your new favorite pony music! It's being actively worked on and updated with every new daily post, too! The database "currently has over 5500 songs, divided into 311 playlists, and is constantly growing".

    From Flutter Bully's words:

    "I'm digging through the annals of brony music history (including every spotlight post EQD has ever made!) listening to each song, and deciding if I like it or find it high quality. If so, it gets tossed into a playlist based on genre. Currently this database has 311 different genres / playlists, and over 5500 songs in total across all of them. So if someone loves a particular genre, they can just click the associated playlist and let it play! I'm really proud of this, though it's still being worked on, and videos are added on a near-daily basis, so there's almost always something new somewhere! I really hope people can start using this and getting all the music they love in an easily accessible place!"

    Find the playlists here!