• Equestria Girls Friendship Through the Ages Follow Up


    Mash up of different music styles and references, amazing costumes, and a fun song to go with great visuals. What more could you want from an Equestria Girls music video? How about suspected shipping of Sunset Shimmer and each member of the Humane 6? Ok well, that would probably be just me, but still. I don’t know a single person who dislikes this song and that’s probably because there’s a style or genre that you’ll love to see. And at a time coming close to the end of the year, I think this is the perfect song to showcase right now. The main moral of the music video is pretty much even in the chorus. No matter what happens, a friendship can last through it all. 


    So we got this low classical piano ballad to start us off and Twilight looking very posh with this up-do. And just to remind you, this was one of the music videos for Rainbow Rocks, meaning this is Princess Twilight Sparkle. At least this scene didn’t make it too sleazy with Sunset draping herself over the piano.


    Next music genre, I wanna say is more of a hippie folk song melody. Still some traces of classical with the violins, but I won’t lie and not go straight to The Sounds of Music when seeing this scene. And this was pretty fitting for Fluttershy since I have no idea what other genre of music would have her around animals like always. Maybe Disney Princess genre? That’s a genre, right?


    For someone like Rarity, what genre can we put her in that shows off a unique fashion style that people try to bring back constantly? The era of Yellow Submarines? Sure, why not? I’m glad this outfit came back in the Rainbow Rocks movie because I can’t stop imagining her being a fan of The Beatles. This marching band style 70’s is so great and the trippy background is so much fun if you imagine Rarity being into Reefer Madness.


    If anybody has to be concerned with Reefer Madness, it should probably be Sunset Shimmer. First she’s with Twilight in a concert hall, then Fluttershy on a grassy mountain top, and now colors don’t make sense, there’s rainbows everywhere and she’s standing on top of a giant flower with Rarity. But as an ex-unicorn, I’m sure she’s seen weirder things in Equestria. 


    RD: “Been around for a long time, Rocking out hard ‘cause I’m in my prime.”

    I know she’s not my favorite, but sweet Celestia was this my favorite segment of the song. Gotta dig this 70’s punk rock style that really fits her loud and cocky personality. And every aspect of her outfit really hits the mark from the ripped fishnet stockings to the shaved side of her hair and this dyed purple lightning bolt. And this line is probably one of my favorites with this feeling of living it up while you’re young. It sounds like such a “coming of age” lyric that just works.


    Yeah there was no way this was probably not one of Sunset’s favorite moments, too. That is a girl I would mosh with at any rock concert. But don't over do it with the hand placements there boys. Sunset has a thousand shipmates and a million fans. 


    The moment where I can actually like country music was pretty much here. Now whether or not I should be concerned with Sunset, a unicorn from another dimension, riding a horse is another thing. I don’t even know if it would’ve been funnier or stranger if the horse was colored like someone from Equestria just because it would just be so jarring. But this was at least a safe route to go with Applejack. You can’t see anything but a country star when looking at her in this outfit.


    Oh my god yes!!! Yes yes yes to all of this. An 80’s pop segment was amazing and with Pinkie Pie working at a roller skate diner was just the perfect fit for her fun and bubbly side. The synthesizer really sells it on a lot of 80’s pop bands who’s soundtracks you would hear in a 90’s teen romantic comedy and since we still have these slit glasses in this era, it really made a mark.


    Ok young kids or who didn’t watch the movie or music video Bohemian Rhapsody, this is a reference to one of the greatest bands ever called Queen. The movie is fine if not a little inaccurate with the timeline, but always go and watch the music video for Bohemian Rhapsody. You will not regret it. 


    And now we have the definitive “I’m making that my wallpaper and desktop picture” screenshot. You’re welcome. This also gives us a great view of all the outfits that need to be in my closet. Still love Rainbow Dash’s outfit but I can’t lie and say I don’t have a soft spot for Pinkie Pie just by how fun it is. Let me know which is your favorites, too. Because I shouldn’t have to answer such a hard question on my own.


    And another wallpaper shot to include Sunset because yes it was needed. This was mostly a song towards Sunset, but I do wish they would’ve given her a genre to do. The only one I would say would probably be rock, but Rainbow Dash had that covered. But either way, I loved that she got to experience this and be the audience watching this through her reactions too.

    And that was Friendship Through the Ages, a slightly generic song but made amazing with the visuals and combinations of music genres and styles. The lyrics aren’t that much to write home about, but even with simple lyrics, it really works in any style. I can see this having a million remixes just to keep playing with the different genres. Maybe go into hair metal or dubstep? Either way, I can’t hate this song and I found myself falling in love with it again while just writing this and playing it on repeat as I finish up. And with a good moral about friendships lasting through anything and everything, this music video really screams what Equestria Girls is all about. I’m Penny Wrights and I have some Queen to air guitar to in my bedroom.