• Cheerilee Goes to the Spa With Minuette and Berry Punch Day! - January 6th!

    We have a bunch of background and temporary ponies that haven't gotten nearly enough love, and because of that they don't have quite enough content for a full theme day in their image. Time to celebrate a group of them with a spa day! On January 6th we will be celebrating the following ponies, theme day style:

    • Cheerilee 
    • Minuette 
    • Berry Punch 
    • Aloe 
    • Lotus


    You can draw any of them for open art, or send stuff in general. Open art is the best bet though!

    Now go! Submit@equestriadaily.com with CHEERILEE AND FRIENDS DAY as the subject followed by what it is, so CHEERILEE AND FRIENDS DAY - OPEN ART for open art.