• TrotCon Announces Asia Mattu, Alison Wandzura & Meaghan Hommy for TrotCon Online 2: Snow Day

    More voices are joining the upcoming Trotcon event on the 4th of December, bringing on the characters from The Best Gift Ever.

    Check the presser out below if you want to meet them!


    Asia Mattu, Alison Wandzura & Meaghan Hommy Are Our Latest Guests for TrotCon Online!

    Y’all ever seen My Little Pony: Best Gift Ever? Super cute holiday special from a few years back in the Friendship Is Magic universe?

    If so, you’ll surely remember Aurora, Bori and Alice (say that out loud in case you haven’t seen the special, lol), the gift-giving magical reindeer who play an important part in the story.

    Ever wanted to meet them and their voice actors? Cool, because all three — Asia Mattu (Aurora), Alison Wandzura (Bori) and Meaghan Hommy (Alice) — are coming to TrotCon Online 2: Snow Day!

    What better way than to meet these fine folks at our online, winter-themed event, which is happening Dec. 4-6?

    You might recognize Mattu’s voice from shows such as Gigantosaurus and Dragon Ball Absalon, Wandzura appears in such series as The Crossing and Critters: A New Binge, while Hommy may be familiar to viewers of shows like Almost Actors and Beaver’s Edge.

    You’ll be able to see all three as part of panel programming as well as autograph availability; a full schedule is forthcoming on our website.

    Mattu, Wandzura and Hommy join previously announced VIP guests Elley-Ray, Giles Panton, Brian Doe, Cole Howard, Katrina Salisbury and Devyn Dalton, as well as community guests RiffPonies, Keeping Friendship Magic and Argembarger.

    All applications for the event are now closed, but you can still pre-register (free unless you’re purchasing a sponsor badge) right here — in fact, we definitely ask that you do so; it’ll help us get a head count for next month!

    See everyone in just a few weeks!