• Omnipony's New EP Is Out! OMNIPONY - CRUSHCORE [Hyper-Candy-Rush Inducing Beats]

    Those of you who have been spotting the early embed of the full EP might already have tasted the full experience, but the teased and hyped CRUSHCORE has finally dropped on Bandcamp, that means you can get your hooves on those tasty MP3s and FLACs if you want, or, if you're a collector of physical CDs like me, you can get the EP as a sick-looking physical CD including an awesome drawing by Omnipony himself and personal message! And a video of the full EP has been posted on YouTube too! From the musician's words: "I've decided to keep OMNIPONY going strong no matter what. I genuinely love this project, the community, and all the fun interactions I have being dubstep horse." Hearing that just makes me so happy!! Long live OMNIPONY!

    Listen to the EP from YouTube here (also embedded below the break), or from Bandcamp here (available as physical CDs!)