• Flutterhoodie Music: Nyancat380 - Rule 34 [Glitch-Hop]

    Maybe inspired by Voxxin's track of the same name from 5 years ago, Nyancat380 made a track about that certain internet rule that our community certainly isn't escaping from. The track is filled with Pony Life samples and nostalgic chiptune melodies, and the mix works quite well!

    (No there is no explicit content in this song or the visuals, you can watch safely! Just don't venture in Equestria after dark, everypony...)

    Also, a new pony compilation album got announced recently, hosted by Nyancat380 and r_chase, PINK! Pinkamena Pinka-Distorted! It's themed about Pinkie! Deadline is January 12th 2021 for those interested!