• Equestria Girls: The Other Side Follow Up

    You know what I need? More music videos. What else I need? More Rarity. Let’s combine the two in an awesome music video with shots that would make any pop princesses of our time green with envy. This was actually a really good song upon replays mostly because the message of it is something believable. It’s something a lot of creative people can relate to for whatever they’re working on or trying to achieve. We know we can do it and we know we’re capable, but sometimes you want to get to that point faster than how long you want to stumble. That’s pretty much the moral of the video. Either that or keep a set of flat shoes when climbing large hills for your epic shots. Let’s take a listen at Rarity’s creative struggles.


    “Sketching my heart out, nothing will turn out. Everything seems so-so”

    This video kind of shows a bit of a different side to being a creator or artist. Yeah, you can enjoy what you’re doing and the planning, but you really want to get to that point of it being just perfect. Being wrapped up in a lot of ideas can be suffocating when you can’t find a starting point. 


    Ah yes. Those moments of randomly stumbling across inspiration. The shape of the dress, the color scheme, the design that you want. Of course it’s when you least expect it. Good thing it was just tripping on the floor instead of while sitting on the toilet. I wouldn’t know from experience. It was just a thought.

    This cut was just so perfect. The detail and style of the design can be seen on the other side of the mirror and having Rarity jump through to come out on the other side was just flawless. If you hadn’t noticed, this song is called “The Other Side”. And I’ll say this. This carousel dress isn’t really a favorite of mine for Rarity designs. I can go on about it being more of a costume than something I would see at a ballroom or gala, but just how wide and angular it is wasn’t working for me. Maybe if the hoop at the bottom wasn’t so square. Still love everything about this moment though.


    No matter what happens in this fandom and what we find on the internet, we have to keep remembering this is a kid’s show. I do kind of want those headphones though. Not to mention this would be a fun and easy cosplay to do with this black bejeweled leotard and glitter on every lock of hair. 


    “Won’t stop til I seize the day.”

    Come on creators. You guys could make a carp leap out of the water just for the joke. Seize the day. Carpe Diem. Make the dolphin a carp. I’m sorry. The puns are strong with this line. Still loving this shot and maybe Rarity can try out for the next Free Willy movie. Nobody remind me that I’m showing my age if I remember this movie.


    Even when I don’t fully love the carousel dress, these set pieces are really interesting with the cool blue color scheme and the crystal ponies. Maybe in this context I can enjoy this dress a little  bit more than first seeing it in Rollercoaster of Friendship.


    As pop filled as this song is, I think it’s something that’s needed. It’s the moment of thinking about the end results of your hard work to get to where you want to go. Also, on a side note, apparently there was a treasure on that beach and Rarity got to it first. And Sunset, Twilight and Pinkie were looking for it for so long. Rarity just been chilling on a mountain of gold. And somehow there’s also a telephone. Guess a bejeweled smart phone wouldn’t be as impressive.


    And of course ending on the most over the top shot in any music video. Just so happens to be on a mountain with fireworks and dolphins (still not carps) leaping from the waters. Can’t say Rarity doesn’t go out with a bang. 

    And that was The Other Side, a very surprising music video to come out of this franchise in my opinion, but still very needed. I suppose you get tired of the struggles and waiting to get to where you want to be in life. Of course wanting to get to the other side of those struggles feels like the most desirable outcome. Maybe after a while the cliché of “it’s not the destination, it’s the journey you enjoy” gets to be a bit preachy. One line that I love in this song was in the beginning was “why do you stumble before you fly.” Realistically, yes, you’ll mess up or have a creative block and not feel as good about your work compared to others who have done the same thing longer than you, but nobody really wants to have that happen. It’s part of the learning process, but you still want to get to the good parts where your work is admired and adored. It’s not like dreaming of grandeur is new, but for Rarity, I think it’s a fitting trait to her personality. I’m Penny Wrights and I have more content that I also need to create to get to my own other side.