• Eclipse Tracks! Various Genres, All Quality!

    [email protected] Rush oblige, here's a compilation post with some of the other YouTube releases of tracks from the recent mega compilation album [email protected] Eclipse that appeared in the meantime. As always from [email protected], it's a healthy mix of genres, and top-notch quality all around! I'm especially happy about the fact that RedSpark made it to the album!! He still may be the most active pony musician these days!

    7th Stive & ponycutz - Blood Flavor

    Radiarc - Of Shadows and Nightmares

    4EverfreeBrony & Drummershy - Ponies On I-5

    Dropper Vampire & Heartsong - Block Out The Sun (feat. Koa)

    Frozen Night & PrinceWhateverer - Lunar Eclipse III (feat. Holly Frances Royle & Andra Stefan)

    RedSpark - Thestrals Approaching

    Wandering Artist - Nocturne

    4everfreebrony - This Is What It's Like (feat. Envia Sun, SaxPon3, and TheMusicReborn)

    GrazySmash & MEQA - Hoof Shaker (MEQA VIP)

    GrazySmash & Ice Angel - Retribution (feat. N. Hollow)