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    Generation 4 takes place years after Generation 1
    By: PonyMoi2000

    So starting at Tirek, we know he was defeated by Megan using the rainbow of light sending him away, this will be important later,

    We know his brother, we can assume this had been Scorpan, Scorpan befriended the ponies in g1 and betrayed Tirek.
    A few other villains aren't very important because they're either human or would be dead or we'll get on to later, Some other animals that were only in g1 could just be extinct. Another thing is Zebras, in g1 there is one Zebra, Zeb, Zeb looks more human than a pony. This could be explained by the fact that ponies and zebras would have interbred more after a while.
    An honorable mention would be the Smooze, The Smooze wasn't really a character but a recipe for destruction, we can assume the Smooze discord had was different from the Smooze from the OG Smooze because of the same reason we didn't have roman concrete till recently. It's because we didn't understand that water meant seawater etc, because of this we can assume Discord used a different material that made the modern Smooze different.

    Now onto some big cake, Gusty and Grogar, now, this is where things get messy, Grogar wasn't defeated by Gusty, in fact, he was defeated by Megan, Although there was a giant team effort involved Megan was the one who rung the bell defeating him and sealing him away. The legend of Gusty the great could be a second occurrence of the city, or it could have been the original story being lost to time due to humans being cut off, We see Legends being changed all the time in our world, it's not a stretch to say that Gusty had taken Megan's spot as the hero and that she had stolen his bell rather than just rung it.
    Now onto where certain characters like Princess Celestia and Luna fit into this since they're immortal after all, here's where this might be cracky. Megan and Molly became Princess Celestia and Luna using the rainbow of light. There is no doubt in my mind that the Rainbow of light and the elements of harmony are equals, It might be possible that the Seed the Pillars infused with their magic, was actually the locket that held the Rainbow of light, meaning the rainbow of light was powerful enough to change a human to pony or alicorn more specifically, after all, they were more than worthy.

    We can also look at the main six now and say they are the direct descendants of g1 pony land ponies.

    Anyway, thank you for reading my crackhead theory!


    What If MLP Had a RPG Game?
    By: JK

    My Little Pony. It has a TV show, toys, comics, and a movie. But one media that the series hasn’t dived into as much is video games. We do have that one mobile game and a couple of other ones like Puzzle Party, but that’s it. There isn’t even a MLP game for consoles...until now.

    Well, not really, but I came up with ideas for a hypothetical MLP RPG game. What would it be like? How would it work? I’m here to discuss this. Keep in mind that due to the word limit, I can’t dive too deep into my ideas for this MLP game.

    Now, if I had to describe this game in a few words, it would be a mix of the recent South Park games and the Persona games. The South Park influence would be how you explore pretty much all of Equestria and other lands and its overall presentation. From Ponyville to Seaquestria, you can go there if it exists in the show (and maybe even the comics).

    Now the Persona part would come from a mechanic from those games that can fit here with MLP’s friendship theme: social links. In the Persona games, you can spend time with various characters to build bonds and gain benefits such as ones in battle. The same can be applied here: spend time with characters like the Mane Six to get to know them better, help solve their problems, and gain benefits in combat.

    Speaking of combat, let’s discuss the battle system, which would be relatively simple. Each character has health and magic points, and using skills or magic will deplete your MP. Each character will also have different stats and moves. For example, Applejack would be a hard-hitting tank, while Rainbow Dash can easily dodge attacks. Twilight would be specialized in magic while Pinkie could be like a bard. Depending on how strong your bond is with your team, you can also perform special team-up moves to decimate your enemies.

    Finally, we have the avatar system. That’s right, you create your own OC protagonist in this game. Creating your pony would be the first thing you do when starting the game. You can choose between three pony types, customize its look, and give it a name. As the game goes on, you can unlock transformation spells that can turn you into other creatures like griffins or kirins, which can be like changing your job in a normal RPG. Maybe even as a 100% completion reward, you can become...an alicorn! You could also customize its clothes using Rarity’s shops across Equestria, which could give stat benefits like increased defense. The character itself could either be silent or can talk just like any other pony. There’s some potential story and humor in the former, though.

    So those were my ideas, but feel free to give your own too. Help me flesh out the battle system and the gameplay mechanics. Maybe even suggest a potential story for this game!


    How A Friend in Deed shoulda ended
    By: FlareGun45

    We know Pinkie Pie means well. She wants to make everypony happy and be her friend. I always found that admirable about Pinkie, always thinking of others, would do the best she could to make as much friends as possible, and she always succeeds!

    As admirable as that is, it really feels the show is just lying to the viewers. It's like the show is saying you can ALWAYS succeed in making a friend if you work hard enough to try to win them over and earn their affection, but sometimes, in real life, no matter how hard you try, it just can't be done. Pinkie was able to find Matilda for Cranky, yes, but she still humiliated him, annoyed him, and destroyed his journal. Even if she means well, people don't always realize that.

    I know the show wants to always give a happy ending, and this ending is the ending we all wish to have in real life, but it just can't always happen. I would LOVE to be friends with everyone, but some friendships are toxic, and sometimes people abandon their trusting friends for other people, and some people just don't wanna be friends with ya for Wizards know what reason! I know that feeling all too well, and with a show about friendship, this should've been tackled better.

    Even after reuniting with Matilda, Cranky should've still declined Pinkie's friendship. Like, he could thank her, but then say, "I appreciate you doing this, but you still give me alot of grief. I don't want to be friends with you - sorry to disappoint you." and then Pinkie would realize.... she's friends with literally EVERYPONY ELSE in town! Is one failure really the end of the world?

    So what do ya think? Y'think A Friend in Deed should've ended like this? Y'think the show shoulda tackled on not being able to achieve friendship, no matter how hard ya try? It's better than learning it the hard way in real life.


    The Rogue Changelings
    By Alexrioponylover95

    Hello everycreature!

    So after reading IDW’s MLP and Transformers crossover, a thought occurred to me about a detail not really talked about in the crossover and that’s are there rogue changelings still and what happened to them?

    Now (And spoilers ahead!) in the crossover, Chrysalis summons the Transformers with the help of a few non-reformed changelings, however in the last issue of the crossover, we see the Young 6 and of course along them Ocellus. Now the crossover isn’t really canon to the show, so that’s as far as we go there…

    However, during the Season 6 finale, To Where and Back Again, there were the changelings that impersonated a bunch of the main characters and they were probably still in their positions when Mord… I mean the Changeling hive exploded when the changelings reformed. And we all know that at least Pharynx didn’t change until later, keeping his non-reformed look until he was willing to change.

    Only… After that finale, Chrysalis is alone, with no other changelings, so either she didn’t try to go look for unreformed changelings or there was pretty much no way to get the few that impersonated the main characters back. Those that took up the roles of the Mane 6, Spike, and the royals, were most likely caught when the real characters returned and were probably imprisoned or sent back to the changeling hive to decide their fate. And those that took up impersonation duty were probably the most loyal to Chrysalis, as Chrysalis would count on them to do their jobs right.

    Now when they were sent back to the changeling hive, (Or released from imprisonment to go back to the hive) there is the process of reforming them and I would imagine it would be very similar to how Pharynx eventually came around. In fact if it is the time after Pharynx was reformed, than he would most likely be the one to help them see their new ways are a lot better, convince them by telling them of his experience.

    In fact if there was another chance to reform Chrysalis after the season 6 finale, I think Pharynx would have been the key to doing so, after all he used to be one of the most hardcore supporters of the old ways and still changed. And if he could change, than why can’t Chrysalis?  Now no doubt by the time of the future in The Last Problem, all of the Changelings are reformed, except for Chrysalis, and they have integrated well into the worldwide society, being we see one along the other creatures in the streets of Canterlot.

    Now this is just my take on what happened to the unreformed changelings, there are probably many things that happened to them or how they eventually changed, it doesn’t have to be the same way Pharynx did so. But what do you think happened to any rogue changelings that may still have been out there after the Season 6 finale?