• TrotCon Online 2: Snow Day Announces Giles Panton & Elley Ray

    We have guest announcements for the TrotCon's next online event happening on October 23rd. Two of the pillars of Equestria will be making an appearance. 

    Check out the presser below if you want to meet them!


    Announcing Giles Panton & Elley Ray for TrotCon Online 2: Snow Day!

    Time for some online event guests! LET'S RAGE.

    On Dec. 4-6, we've got our second online event, TrotCon Online 2: Snow Day, for your viewing pleasure, and for our first guest announcements for that event, we're proud to welcome Giles Panton and Elley Ray to the #squad.

    Panton will be familiar to the MLP: FIM audience as the voice actor for Flash Magnus, alongside other voice and acting roles in shows such as Lego Nexo Knights, The Man in the High Castle and more.

    Elley Ray, meanwhile? Oh, you already know her if you've been coming to TrotCon events virtual and IRL the last few years. She's best known as the voice of Mistmane when it comes to MLP, though, in case you needed a refresher.

    We're excited to announce Giles and Elley just a few days before the deadlines for vendor and panel applications for Snow Day. Both fall on Oct. 23, so you've got until the end of the day then (not much longer!) to submit a panel or apply to sell your wares in our virtual vendor hall.

    For more information, hit up our vendor app and our panelist app.

    And also feel free to visit our online event-only website, trotcononline.net, too. You'll wanna log on there on Dec. 4, as well as join our Discord, for the festivities. Do us a solid and pre-register too, just so we know you're coming (it's a free event, don't worry!).