• "Louder!" Music: OMNIPONY - WAT O_O [Hyper-Candy-Rush Inducing Beats]

    A new YouTube release of a track from Omnipony's upcoming EP CRUSHCORE (available in physical CD format too, "Manufactured in Ponyville by the Cutie Mark Crusaders' Cheap Filly Labor Manufacturing Company" as stated on Bandcamp, and it looks so great, check out the photos!), this one sure is living up to its genre and inducing a distinct musical craziness, all with wubs, mastered by the musician! And check out that very cool pony animation by YouWannaSlap and play with the classic "Louder!" Dashie and Fluttershy vocal samples, starting at 1:06!!

    (And album teaser here if you haven't watched it yet, featuring that animation too!)

    ALSO! Courtesy of Omnipony himself, find below the video an embed of the full EP, streamable exclusively on Equestria Daily before the release date!! Yes, you'll be able to listen to the full EP early from this post, and other upcoming posts of songs from the album! Thank you Omni for this treat!

    Full EP stream, exclusively on Equestria Daily:
    (If it doesn't show, click below, and it should appear)