• Equestria Girls: Pinkie on the One Follow Up


    If there’s every any way of using the energy of one person to power an entire city, I think Pinkie would be a great choice if The Flash isn't available. I never get too tired of her zany antics and her hyperactive personality. Other times I get tired just watching her bounce off the walls but can still find the energy to laugh with her. And this short was not shy about her energy. If I were to give a moral for this one, it would be to keep your eyes peeled. You never know if the answer you’re looking for is standing right in front of you. Either that or make sure Pinkie stays away from sugar for at least an hour to regulate that energy. Time is an illusion for Pinkie Pie so I’m putting in my two cents for her day anyway. Let’s take a look.


    Ok I’ll admit Granny Smith isn't the first person I expected to be showing Pinkie how to bake. Of course Pinkie isn’t working/living at Sugar Cube Corner with The Cakes and I think in this universe it’s more of a coffee shop than a bakery. But even for Granny Smith the recipe isn’t even apple related. It’s sugar butter coco cookies, which sound delicious. But still not apple. Who are you green woman and why do you stir in a bowl of lies!?!


    Rainbow: "Most people don’t know how hard is it to find someone who can use both hands the way a drummer does."

    So at 33 seconds we now see the exact plot of this short. Rainbow Dash is looking for a drummer and Pinkie is being randomly good at fitting into Dash’s description without either of them noticing. It’s a bit cliché but it does make for some fun Pinkie Pie things, like stirring two bowls of that same cookie dough that she just so happened to pull out of nowhere.


    Ok yes, she can get a little loose and go a little off the rails when not focused. It could just be over energized issues, but even I wouldn’t know Pinkie to be this careless with baking. And Rainbow Dash is also not impressed.


    Next step, making a banner for the band while Rainbow Dash still thinks of a drummer. And Pinkie somehow also has this much glitter on standby. I don’t think anybody in any dimension needs this much glitter for a banner. Especially all in one spot. I think even Rainbow Dash didn’t know you can buy glitter in bulk. And I will be a bit immature here and say that this screenshot makes Pinkie look like she’s farting glitter. Pinkie, I think that’s enough glitter though.


    Ok. Now it's enough glitter.

    One is the face of pure innocence and the other is the face of a potential murderer. Look on the bright glittery side RD. You don’t look too bad in purple. But it’s my favorite color so maybe a little bias on that. I can’t fully dislike Pinkie Pie for any of this. She has the energy to power 20 casinos and she’s just happy to be around a friend and having fun. Even at the expense of her friend looking like a Tomboy Twilight Sparkle. Too bad this was a short before Rainbow Rocks. Otherwise I can see either Twilights walk by and say “looking good Rainbow Dash”.


    So maybe with Rainbow Dash saying she needs someone with a lot of energy to be the drummer, she could mean controllable energy. Not necessarily someone going from stirring up strawberry milk to using a fork and spoon to drum on her lunch. I know it’s expected that Rainbow Dash and Pinkie wouldn’t notice this right off the bat, but when you’re deep into thought you won’t exactly notice the one thing you need right in front of you giving you a headache. It’s like a Rom-Com all over again. 

    Ok Rainbow Dash being lost in thought about this is one thing, but aren’t you two gonna say anything about it? Maybe interject about all the DRUMMING Pinkie is doing and ruining your lunch? Applejack even attempts to stop Pinkie by grabbing the utensils…until she starts up again.


    I can’t help but think Pinkie is either doing this on purpose or is actually enjoying the sound her friend’s heads make when she drums on it with utensils. But really girls? You three are already in the band and didn’t think about adding Pinkie Pie in the beginning? Even during Rainbow Rocks, she seemed to pull out random instruments out of nowhere when thinking of what Twilight could play. One being a theremin. I‘ll never forget that. I wonder how they can get rid of all that energy within Pinkie and put it to good use.


    And once again, no questions asked why this still happens when playing music. Maybe magic being sentient and knowing they need to get ready to battle the Dazzlings? Maybe all the energy getting too extreme and showing its form in the pony transformation? Who knows? Pinkie is now part of the band and can bring some amazing heat to a drum kit.


    So this is actually true when I first watched this short. This screenshot made me think of Animal from The Muppets Band. And even with the video I found of Animal because I know I’m old and not many people might not remember something like this, there was a video with Animal and Buddy Rich, a famous jazz drummer. Even he was drumming on everything he saw, including people, and it makes me think this is where they got Pinkie’s energy for drumming from. It kind of makes it all the more worth it to talk about even from one screenshot reminding me of something random and finding out about a crazy talented drummer from decades ago.


    And even a rimshot to tie the short all together. What a way to end it. Except pony version has already done a rimshot in the episode “Baby Cakes”. Maybe this is the same pony version of Pinkie Pie as is actually the REAL drummer for the Rainbooms? Maybe that one blooper of the Pinkies switching places through the portal wasn’t as silly as we thought? Maybe I need to stop coming up with so many conspiracy theories before I end up with a corkboard full of pictures and red yarn everywhere and go with the obvious answer of “it’s Pinkie Pie, don’t question it.” Yeah that works for me.

    And that was Pinkie on the One, a cute short about why Pinkie is such a popular character but can also rub you the wrong way sometimes. I know people in real life that are this hyper and at times it changes from endearing to annoying depending on the mood that day. But even through being tired or annoyed by it, you can still have a small smile at how enthusiastic they can be, Pinkie included. This pony can literally turn your frown upside down and make it stay there the rest of your day. Her happiness is practically contagious, and I think the world needs people like this. Just someone who can pass on that happy feeling to the next persona and they pass it onto the next. Pinkie might not always be my favorite character, but when it’s about her, it’s really about her and I can never take my eyes off of her wackiness and wondering what she’ll do next. I’m Penny Wrights and I have some theremin music to binge for the day.