• Equestria Girls: Make Up Shake Up


    I always like going through a lot of the older shorts just because of how much you can pack into a small segment that felt like a deleted scene from the movie. In this case, this is like a deleted scene from the very first movie. And we all know how memorable and infamous that one turned out to be. And what a way to kick off spook season than with a make up horror story. If I were to give this short a moral, it would be that simple just works for some and not others. It’s always best to adapt to certain tastes that you might not understand. That, or maybe Rarity should think more on color theory when applying make up to someone who’s orange. Let’s take a look and see how our simple girl Applejack does with a little sprucing up.


    Here’s looking at you TV-Y7 rating in the top corner. I can’t say Rarity doesn’t have a flair for her own style. The camera loves her and she loves the camera. It would be interesting to see her looking less her best every once in a while just to not give her the Barbie motif that she’s always perfect whenever seen. Sort of like the “Monday Blues” music video. Is it too cruel to enjoy when a character is off their rocker? I’ll think about it later.


    Are there no shoes in this world that aren’t the size of leg warmers? There are things as ankle shoes like slid ons and gym shoes. Why does everything have to eat half of your leg all the wat to the knee? The use of baby power just to stop the sweating must be incredible. But then again, one of the things the fandom mocked about the human designs was how every character was made of 60% legs, 10% torso, and 30% hair. But it looks like these three are safe from any hardcore makeovers from Rarity.


    Applejack did you even buy that dress first before using it to clean off an apple with it? I’ll at least say Applejack had my favorite dress out of the Humane 6 right now since I liked this denim blue color on her. But it looks like Rarity has found her sacrifice… I mean volunteer.


    I do find it interesting how quick Rainbow Dash of all people would go along with this. Maybe because deep down she’s thinking “better her than me”. Element of Loyalty ladies and gentlemen. It might also be interesting to know if Applejack in this universe had a similar childhood to her pony counterpart with living in the big city and becoming a socialite. Otherwise she would already have an idea of what make up and style works for her. I’ll say this. Applejack’s dress is a far cry from the one she wore in “Simple Ways”. Would’ve liked to have seen that.


    This is the face of someone who is not gonna tone anything down no matter what. As a Rarity fan, I know her thing is to bring out the beauty in others from the inside out and more than anything wanted to tackle a person like Applejack with a makeover to really make her shine. Just might need to hold back a little bit.


    Ok maybe she needed to pull back a lot more than I thought. You can go too heavy on a good thing you know. She even got rid of her freckles, which I think was the cutest thing about Applejack. The hair pins were a nice touch to match her dress. And I have no idea why make up was needed to be put in her hair with these pinkish tips. 


    Well we knew we couldn’t keep saying Applejack doesn’t lie, but in this case, she’s more or less complimenting Rarity’s…uh, work, but still gonna offer some advice. I also love how we don’t get to see how the others reacted to this extreme makeover. The only person I could possibly predict would be Rainbow Dash trying to hold back laughter. 


    And in comes the wet wipes. I can go with a “less is more” type of thing with Applejack since she’s a lot more sensible. And I’m pretty sure Rarity is at least going along with it in hopes that some make up will be left after she’s done with the revisions. 


    So not only is Rarity heavy handed with a make up brush, she’s heavy handed with a napkin as well. And somehow the curls from her hair and hair pins were also wiped away with the make up because that makes sense. But at least Applejack looks happy to have her face less…cakey. 


    Don’t worry Rarity. There’s other people in the world you can make over and have it not be wiped away like a sand castle to the tide. At least the client was happy with the results and in Applejack’s case, it could’ve been a lot worse. Like wearing yellow boots with an overall dress.

    And that was Make Up Shake Up, a short and sweet short about knowing when to put down the mascara. I love these kind of shorts that feels like it would’ve been in the actual movie just to add a little comedy to the “getting ready for the big night” scene. Maybe even during the montage where you have most of the dialogue cut. But this short shines for both these characters. Rarity for her generosity of wanting to beautify anything in sight and Applejack for not flipping out too badly to sort of spare Rarity’s feelings. Just having them understand each other like this gives them a great dynamic. And we still get to see Applejack somewhat gussied up every once in a while in the show and Rarity knowing to hold back her excitement. Not much from the other girls in the room, but hey. Peer pressure can be magic too, I suppose. I’m Penny Wrights and I have some make up tutorials I need to spend all night watching.