• Equestria Girls: Costume Conundrum Episode Follow Up

    It’s the week of spooks (even if I celebrate all month long) and we have to get our Halloween and Nightmare Night going for as long as we can until the Christmas music starts up. And it’s another Choose Your Ending segment so as always, let me know what your favorite ending is. For this one, we not only have the continuity of Fluttershy not really being into Halloween, but also a call back to trying to find a costume for her from “Scare Master”. And from the looks of this title card, maybe we’ll really get more Flutterbat. If I were to pick a moral for this short, it would probably be to have fun wearing your costume as long as you’re comfortable with it. Either that or hammer in as much continuity nods that would make Silver Quill’s head fall off…again. Let’s see how our shy one gets spiffy for a costume party.


    Well they didn’t waste any time going to a familiar scene. Fluttershy still playing video games while the other three chill in the back. And she still seems to like that squirrel game that caused a monster of a raging Sunset. And this was just something to note, but that game might also have online multiplayer since we still hear the sound of the game while Fluttershy wears headphones. So she might be talking to someone while playing video games. Maybe a name like xXxNight_Mare_MoonaxXx on the friend’s list. 


    Ok yeah. Rarity can still think a little too highly of her status sometimes. Just from her getting the invite to Bulk Bicep’s costume party felt like an exclusive and personal luxury until everyone else got the invite. I do like the idea that Bulk Biceps is just the king of parties and anybody who’s anybody will be there. Maybe we’ll finally get him to dress as the Terminator or Rocky. Nonetheless, looks like everyone is excited about it.


    Well…there’s always gotta be one. Now I do admit to a slight eye roll if the issue was gonna be that Fluttershy would be too scared to go to a costume party, but I’m glad it wasn’t completely like past Halloween episodes like Scare Master and Luna Eclipsed. But I also don’t know if I would be this panicked about picking a costume. But this is also Fluttershy we’re talking about. But now that we got our set up and the players are all here, let’s see what our options will be for fan art for the next couple of months.

    Rarity Option

    Well if it sort of worked for “Scare Master”, it can possibly work here, too. I did go back and forth with that episode wondering how a seamstress and fashion designer like Rarity would just put Fluttershy in a plain black dress after all the wardrobe changes Flutters did for Season 8’s “Fake It “Til You Make It”, but that’s being too knit picky. I’m curious to see what Rarity comes up with now. And also how her bed is completely non-existent with all that stuff piled on it in the back. 

    Say what you will about Little Miss Details here. She’s very thorough with her measurements. Don’t worry Fluttershy, they always say good breeding and a tiny waste, you’ll bring honor to the fandom. 

    So I didn’t catch this on the first watch, but now I’m dying from it every time. Rarity having a coin jar every time she used the word “darling”. It’s so perfect it’s scary. But don’t worry Rarity. I’m pretty sure G3’s Rainbow Dash has you out beat and possibly in debt. 

    A Disney Princess. Oh yeah. That fits Fluttershy to the tenth power. Now all she needs to do is call in her animal friends and go full on Cinderella. And the fact that she just pulled that dress out of thin air is practically like magic. Can’t help but love the gems going down the side and the swirl pattern at the bottom. Truly a beautiful gown.

    Truly a beautiful gown…for Rarity specifically. I can even see a slight sad and confused Flutters going through her head as to why she even had to go through all that measuring. And for all the Easter egg hinters out there, we also have Rarity’s gala dress in the picture frame in the back. I thought that was a nice nod to know that even in this universe Rarity still loves this gala dress. Hopefully it didn’t go through the same hardships as our pony counter-part.

    Ok it makes complete sense that she would probably have multiple dresses for costumes on standby. And she even called the “oh this old thing” as a way of completely fabricated modesty. Rarity makes me laugh too much with these kinds of jokes just because I could never imagine trying to pull that off. Also my vote for the yellow one for Fluttershy. Not a bad option, but for me, a costume has to be a costume. Something unusual or strange for the occasion. I wouldn’t put it past Rarity to wear something like this if she was feeling fancy, but I guess for Fluttershy this would be a costume in her eyes.

    Sunset Option

    Sunset is pretty much the definition of a “cool girl” character so she’s probably gonna bring on the spooks. I can only assume the other two left to get their own costumes ready. Guess Rarity will have to use a mannequin instead of a living person for her dress. But let’s see what Sunset can cook up.

    So these pass by in quick succession with the magic book and possibly Sunset’s old horseshoes. Maybe from when she still had hooves. Interesting thing to note. As to why she would still have them in the human world…well she does travel through the portal to take more of Princess Twilight’s students to grow fingers.

    Huh. So that “cool girl” characteristic is subjected to change. But she did say she would find something spooky and I think that takes the cake. I feel it’s crossed eyes starring into the deepest parts of my soul and laughing at it with it’s goofy grin. Sunset, where did you even get this?
    Sunset: “Can’t picture you as a bat.”

    Don’t worry Sunset. The rest of the fandom has you covered on that one. Sorry everyone. False alarm on seeing Flutter bat ever again in canon. But never stop drawing it.

    Are those worms or something? Or maybe tentacles? Well I’ve seen enough hen…you know what? I won’t do it. It’s there and I want to, but I will keep this Follow Up as appropriate is possible. But it looks like Sunset has some good ideas to work with in this box. 

    (Editor’s Note: Don’t worry Fluttershy. You’ll learn to like it after a while. Ok I’m done now.) 

    Obligatory Trixie shot because why not. Though I would’ve expected something grander for a costume. Not the same one she wore for Rainbow Rocks. And having Bulk Biceps in the royal guard outfit we’ve seen in the show before is a nice option. 

    Well…I won’t deny this is a cool costume, but I’m not exactly sure where to place it. Is it more werewolf or vampire? Well she didn’t cover herself with glitter so she’s at least a good vampire. And I’m loving this dark eyeshadow she has on. It really fits with her skin tone. But I wonder where Fluttershy is.

    Hope you all like Lovecraftian Horrors because this was even a shock to me. And to Bulk Biceps as well. But this costume looks amazingly real. Like it just stepped out of someone’s nightmares. Too bad it had a hard time getting through the door.

    This is the face of a very satisfied Sunset. She’s just eating this up and asking for seconds it’s so good. And I want to point out the irony that regardless of this being a costume, he chose to hide behind someone who actually turned into a demon to brainwash teenagers. I’m glad her past is deeply buried, but this was just funny to think about.

    I would love to know how anybody would describe of caption this image. It just has so much going on with facial expressions. Bulk is completely losing his mind, Fluttershy is confused why he’s still screaming after her mask fell off, and Sunset is wondering if those muscles are supposed to compensate for something. It’s moments like this that really bring out the best of this spin off series.

    So while Bulk runs to change his pants, we get to see that even this world’s Fluttershy can like scaring someone even a little bit. Great way to broaden her connection to scary stuff and Halloween. 

    Applejack Option

    I don’t know how well versed Applejack would be with costumes. I do admit out of the past Nightmare Night episodes, she always had one of my favorites with her scarecrow in Luna Eclipsed and Lion in Scare Master. This was also something to note about this scene right now. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen the animals in Applejack’s room compared to the pony version where the animals are always outside. Don’t think there were too many instances of being in AJ’s room, but I don’t think she had any chickens in it. But let’s see what costume even Sunset Shimmer would turn down.

    Yes. Just let all the continuity soak into you. We got Bon Bon in her owl costume from the short All’s Fair in Love & Friendship, the costumes we've just seen from the Rarity and Sunset options, and of course Derpy rocking the paper bag look from Luna Eclipsed. But who is this masked alien you keep talking to? It’s been two options now. Anyway, how can we get any more call backs in this room?

    Welp…I spoke too soon. So of course this moment had to make me look up if this design was just because of Fluttershy or if this was an actual G1 character. Turns out Applejack is a fan of a pony name Posey, who pretty much resembles Fluttershy’s original design, but used pink butterflies instead of tulips like on the Posey. I have so many questions as to why or how Applejack has this two person costume, but I can already guess why Sunset would call a hard pass on this.

    Ok gotta be one of the best Rarity faces ever. I don’t even know what this face is supposed to be. And we can look on the bright side that at least Applejack was nice enough to give Fluttershy the head. She even likes being in a costume where’s she’s not the center of attention. Uh…maybe not in everyone’s opinion, but at least she has a large mask to hide behind.
    Applejack: “A good friend always has your back.”

    Applejack, Miss. Good Friend, I think you gave your other good friend anxiety and nightmares for the next 3 months. I can’t imagine how jarring this is for Sunset as an ex-unicorn. Or maybe she’s having bad flashbacks to G3 like we all have sometimes. But this choice at least helps Fluttershy not be seen (barely) and Applejack has a new riding buddy for this costume. It’s really the option that helps out everyone…except Sunset.
    And that was Costume Conundrum, a way to see a fan favorite in crazy outfits and see what everyone loves about costumes. Applejack likes doing costumes together with friends, Rarity likes looking even more fabulous than usual, and Sunset likes getting a reaction out of people in her costume. For the soul purpose of Fluttershy not wanting to be seen, I guess Applejack did the better job, even with some…horrifying results. I still love this Cthulhu costume that’s so realistic with even the multiple eyes moving at once and having it scare the biggest dude at the party into hiding. I do some cosplaying when convention season at least existed, but I just like dressing up as a character I like even if it’s not too well known. Let me know what you guys are dressing up as or your favorite costumes. I’m Penny Wrights wishing everyone a safe and spooky Halloween and Nightmare Night. 
    (And for anyone subscribed to my channel on YouTube under Penny Wrights, look forward to a video on a certain spooky blue princess and a short one talking about Luna Eclipsed sometime this week.)