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    • Why Trixie is the REAL HERO of The Ending of the End!
    • The Discord Twist Was Completely Unnecessary
    • The End - or The Beginning?
    • Crystal Pony Refugees/Ancestry 

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    Why Trixie is the REAL HERO of The Ending of the End!
    By Alexrioponylover95

    Hello everycreature!

    So after watching The Ending of the End for like the hundredth time I realized something… Trixie is really the unknown hero of the finale! And before anyone says it… No, I’m not Seth in disguise… Or am I!?

    So we all know that in The Ending of the End, it’s the young that saves the day with the Young 6, along with two random ponies, rallying everyone to come help Twilight and her friends against the villain trio (In a very Endgame like manner too!) However, if you remember, those same youngsters were at the School of Friendship before and who was the only adult pony with them? Trixie! Hang on, I’m getting there don’t worry!

    So during the time the villain trio are unfolding their plan, Starlight and Trixie have been notified by Twilight about the threat coming and taking action the two rush to get the students to safety. Next we see the two getting the students down into the caves beneath the school where Starlight says and I quote, “Stay with your buddy! No running! Just follow Counselor Trixie!”, before having to go confront Chrysalis and leaving Trixie in charge of the students’ protection. However, again, the students were the ones to rally everyone to save the day, but they needed to get past Trixie first… or did they?

    Yes, Trixie could have decided to let the students go back home to help gather everyone and get them to their senses, risking their protection in order to save Equestria. Trixie could have easily decided that the students should stay with her and let Twilight and her friends handle the threat, but no… Something must have told Trixie that it was important to let the students go, pass on what they learned and come to the rescue before it was too late. And we did see Trixie along with everyone else come, which means Trixie probably also helped gather as many as she could before joining in.

    Trixie has always been a seesaw kind of character for me, between liking her and well, to put it less harshly, disliking her, whenever she does something likable, she goes back to being unbearable and vice versa, especially with Season 9’s “Student Counsel” and “A Horse Show-In”. However if my theory does end up being true and canon, than I have to say that Trixie has finally earned a place on my list of favorite characters. In the end she was really great and powerful for the right reason!

    But what do you think about Trixie being the real hero of The Ending of the End? Or do you think she’s not? In any case, lets all be prepared for how Seth will react to this, shall we!?
    The Discord Twist Was Completely Unnecessary

    You could argue that Grogar would have made for a boring villain, that the finale would have been muddled with both Him and The Terrible Trio as the final bosses, that he had no personal stakes in the whole thing...

    But in that case, why was Grogar even there?
    The Discord Twist has absolutely no reason to exist.
    If you wanted Chrysalis, Tirek and Cozy Glow as the final bosses, to make for that personal feeling...
    Why go to so much trouble as to make a plot twist, foster fake hype, and outright LIE to the audience for an entire year?

    Instead, why not just have Chrysalis decide to team up with Tirek and Cozy Glow?
    After The Mean 6, Chrysalis decides that 'slaves' don't work, so she decides to find someone who'll work WITH her instead of just FOR her.
    She busts them out of Tartarus, they team up to take over Equestria, and their TEAMWORK is what makes them so dangerous.

    Cozy's manipulation tactics, Tirek raw physical strength and magic-draining abilities, and Chrysalis' shape-shifting abilities.
    Those powers and skills alone, combined together as a group, would have them a credible threat on their own.

    Instead, they are simply given Grogars Bell, and that's it.
    I thought the whole point of the three of them working together was that their individual strengths would make up for their individual weaknesses?

    By giving them the bell, all of that teamwork is pointless, because they don't use any of their own skills.

    The only thing they do is take peoples magic with the bell, and then they have a game of keep-away with it for the climax.

    ANY of them could have been given the bell, and thus given the power to take over Equestria.
    Just give the bell to Chrysalis, or Cozy Glow.

    Retroactively, it means that Tireks magic-draining is completely sidelined, because there's just a random bell that can do the same thing.

    Ultimately, The Discord Twist serves no purpose in the overall story and renders season 9s story arc completely pointless, because you could simply
    take it out and The Terrible Trio would be an even bigger threat, as it takes away from them instead of adding anything.

    Not to mention what it does to Discords character, but hopefully I'll talk about that some other time.
    The End - or The Beginning?
    By: Anonymous

    And so the 10th anniversary of My Little Pony has arrived. It is important to remember the wonders this show has brought us, and the way it has changed our lives. I know that it has changed mine drastically, putting me on a new route - with more drive than I ever had before.

    The show may be over, but that's no reason not to hope, nor dream, of a return. It took years, but Samurai Jack returned. In video games, Crash Bandicoot and Spyro were dead, but they have recently returned to life. Perhaps the same could happen here - not today nor tomorrow, but on the scale of decades.

    Call it wishful thinking - but the end of G4 inspires me. Inspires me to do the best I can, inspires me to struggle and strive for success, and I know others are the same. Perhaps - and this is a weak possibility, but one i'm sure the staff were alluding to when they mentioned 'money' as the way G4 could return - if a brony (or group of bronies) grew sufficiently wealthy, they could commission a new season from Hasbro. Or multiple. It is a longshot, and some would say it isn't worth it - but at worst, by trying, you only give yourself dreams of success, which spur you to work hard and lead to you getting into that position in the first place - and is that so bad?

    The staff loved the show as we did, and what's more, it was a job. The loss of stable employment after so long will surely not be pleasant.

    I know I will try to cause the return - I AM trying to cause the return, and my life is all the better for it. My only question is, will you join me?

    Crystal Pony Refugees/Ancestry
    By: FlareGun45

    Yunno what's interesting about the crystal ponies? They were around during the Starswirl era, then they disappeared, and then those SAME ponies are still around even today! Well, before the timejump, I mean. But there were many other story opportunities for this! Though, since this is a kid's show, probably not all of this.

    If the writers had more freedom, we coulda seen this happen: what if a few crystal ponies escaped Sombra's enslavement? They escape, and then after their escape, before they can call for help, or maybe they did, they called for Celestia and Luna, which is how they showed up and banished Sombra, but then the empire disappears, and then.... those crystal ponies never returned home. They lost all their friends and family, and they have to start new lives, probably crossbreeding with regular ponies, which could mean ANYPONY could have a crystal pony ancestor.

    To be honest, I have the feeling that the Pie family are decedents from a crystal pony. I look at Maud, see her eyes, and there's something crystal pony-y about her. Pinkie Pie too, when she's happy, her hair is all poofy and she's bright. When she's sad, her hair deflates, and she becomes darkened. Hmm... funny, a crystal pony does the same thing! Pinkie returns to the Empire, and she meets some crystal ponies who are the family of her distant ancestor, which makes them her distant ancestors as well!

    This is when the story gets darker - we have this family of crystal ponies who had like a daughter who escaped, and now they'll never see her again - and that's something that they might never be crystal-y again. Though maybe seeing the gift they brought to the world: Pinkie Pie, that might brighten their day.

    This is just an example - maybe there could be a less dark version of the story, but what do ya think? Crystal pony escaped before the Empire disappeared, and one of the Mane 6 is actually PART crystal pony because of this? This could make the Crystal Empire story alot trippier than it is!