• 25 More Trixie Fanfics to Read for the Greatest and Most Powerful Day!

    Trixie has a lot of fanfics. We've posted a bunch already that won't be in this post (you can find them here), and this compilation covers a bunch that haven't already been in compilations!

    Check them out below and thanks to Whisper Key for sending them.


    Slice of Life




    Torn by Ditz


    One unassuming morning, Trixie accidentally tears her cape and now she has to get somepony to fix it for her before her show.

    She finds that doing that is not as easy as she thinks it is.


    The Most Noise by A Man Called Horse


    On her way to Canterlot to retrieve the Alicorn Amulet, Trixie is stranded by the side of the road. Thankfully, a fellow traveler comes to her aid.


    Midnight's Radiance by MrAlterad


    Things are looking up for Sunset Shimmer.

    She's been a proud student of Princess Luna for over twelve years, has the best friends a pony could ask for, a young dragon she cares for dearly, and ambitions on the cusp of completion.

    And even better, it looks like everypony will be spending the Winter Solstice together! Assuming of course, that Celestia's return doesn't end up ruining everything...

    Set in the Trio-verse.


    Trade of the Trix by FanOfMostEverything


    Twilight has noticed something. An anomaly. An illogicality. A discontinuity so stark that she must investigate.

    Trixie just wants to make probably-legal fireworks in peace.

    Set in early Season 7.









    Trixie and Prince Charming by Rixizu


    Princess Luna couldn't be more proud of her newest student Trixie. The filly was bold, smart, and daring to a fault. Unfortunately, over the last couple of months, Trixie still hadn't been able to make any friends in Canterlot at all and had adapted poorly to life in the castle and the Night Court. Trixie was an oddity to the upper echelons of society, a poor filly with no money or title to her name at all and a notorious troublemaker. Determined to do everything in her power to fix this, Luna sets Trixie on a playdate with one of the foals of the Night Court nobles to get her student the friendship and love she needs. And Luna has the perfect candidate, a lovely little colt Trixie's age named Prince Blueblood.

    A Lunaverse story.


    Trixie Just Wanted to Be in the Opening Theme! by NoPonE


    The Great and Powerful Trixie is appalled upon watching the new episode. While many of her friends (and others that she feels are less important than her) got plenty of screen time in the new My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic intro, all she got were a few blurry frames. What's worse, that shot of her was edited in; she wasn't invited to the filming sessions, or even the group photo at the end! Demanding answers, Trixie goes to Twilight Sparkle.


    Princess Trixie of Transylmaneia by AlexTFish


    A magician never reveals her secrets. The Great and Powerful Trixie just happens to have a few more secrets than most magicians. For example, she’s actually a princess of Transylmaneia. And she may or may not have doomed Equestria to eternal night. That's not even the biggest secret, either.


    Trixie vs. Roadside Assistance by Dusty the Royal Janitor


    When Trixie's brand new wagon breaks down in the middle of Hoofington, she finds herself unable to repair her broken wheel herself. So she decides to call upon Equestrian Roadside Assistance for help.

    It will be a decision she is doomed to regret as she is forced to confront automatic voice directories, unhelpful operators, intolerable hold times, lovecraftian madness, gastrointestinal distress, and moronic protocol.

    Trixie will never leave Hoofington with her sanity intact.


    Trixie and Rainbow Dash Save Ponyville From an Eldritch Abomination by alexmagnet


    Trixie, after returning to Ponyville seeking revenge/forgiveness/redemption/bus fare back to Hoofington, winds up in a coma for three months, through no fault of her own. When she wakes up, she's a little concerned by the hole in the ceiling and the one next to the bed, but not enough to really do much investigating. At least, not until she runs into Rainbow Dash who tells her Twilight has gone missing. Then, things get even weirder when Spike comes crawling out of the basement talking about mysterious books and milk and whatnot. Clearly Trixie has no other option than to get to the bottom of things. She just never expected where that bottom would be.


    Unicorns and Dragon Eggs (or Ember’s Mother Conspiracy) by Lise


    Twilight wanted to teach Ember pony customs. Instead, she learned about unicorns, dragon eggs... and Ember’s mother.


    The Quartz Quartette Quarrel by Phaoray


    The Pie family always had strong bonds with one another. But, a past event continues to hang over some members of the family. They don't speak about it, preferring to let it be buried and forgotten, despite the drastic changes it brought about. For two of them, it brought about isolation. An isolation that Limestone prefers her family stay in.

    Well, except for Pinkie. But she's...unique.

    For Limestone, those events kindled the desire to keep her family safe from outsiders. Something a certain silver haired magician has started making difficult for her.

    Old wounds will be reopened on all sides as Limestone tries to keep the past from repeating.


    The Equestrian Unicorn Society by Yukito


    The Equestrian Unicorn Society is meeting one night, and things appear to be going well. That is, until an old member shows up and things start to go downhill...


    Bond Building by MrAlterad


    While looking through a big book of spells, Trixie finds one she's never tried before. One that'll let her get even closer to her friends!

    Can anything go wrong? Oh sweet Luna! Yes, yes it can!


    Trixie's Great and Powerful Adventure by Ninjadeadbeard


    All Twilight Sparkle wanted was a nice teatime with Starswirl, her idol. And then Trixie Lulamoon had to show up, cast a spell, and rip yet another hole in space-time.

    This is becoming distressingly common...









    Descent into Hell by DemonBrightSpirit


    Ponyville. That is where my fall from grace began. Twilight Sparkle and her insurmountable talent exposed me for the charlatan I was. After that inauspicious day, my shows were no longer a thunderous triumph of magic and trickery. They were a blighted sideshow—a mockery of the splendor they had once been.

    In my desperation to retain the life I once held, I stooped lower and lower. I finally hit rock bottom on a remote rock farm. There, I assumed the life of some ordinary, mundane pony, hammering away at boulders until nothing but pebbles remained. It was beneath me, humiliating and degrading. The days dragged on, but my dignity fell no further. It was the bottom, the very bottom, where nothing could fall any lower.

    If I had it to do over again, I would have clung to that humble bottom. I would have held on and never let go.

    I made the worst mistake imaginable. In my desperate bid to claw my way back up to the graces I once knew, I put my faith in dark magic. While I may have found the bottom on that rock farm, that accursed amulet drug me even deeper, pulling me into the abyss of hell.


    Self-Reflection by Waxworks


    Traveling to Applewood through the San Palomino desert, Trixie is sweaty and tired. The town she usually stopped at on her way through was missing, and she feared it had been abandoned. When she finally sees a town, it's not the one she remembered, being almost a fortress of sorts.

    The town is seemingly abandoned, save for strange mirrors in every home. When she finds out what they're for, she also discovers the town isn't as abandoned as she first thought.


    The Here and Now by 4Darker


    A lonely and broken Trixie Lulamoon endeavors to make a special day as memorable as possible.

    A short one-shot story about the past, present, and future, taking place several months after the events of Magic Duel.









    Magic on the Rocks by Violet CLM


    Well before Big Mac came to the Pie family rock farm, there was another pony who caught Marble Pie's eye. That pony was very different from Big Mac... and at the time, so was Marble Pie. But her oldest sister, Limestone, was there to watch and to worry.


    Resting Witch Face by Aragon


    Trixie and Starlight discover witchcraft is real, and do the obvious thing about it.









    Quietus by Eskerata


    Quietus is a secretive town, hidden away to protect it's spectral clientele. When Trixie discovers the town, she tries to help the unhappy residents unbind their contract. But what can a low-powered conjurer of cheap tricks do against wealthy ghosts?


    Never Any Doubt by Lets Do This


    The Great and Powerful Trixie has her eye on a place in Twilight's circle of friends at Celestia's School... and then suddenly discovers it may be her only chance to stay at the School...









    The Invisible Hairless Ape by McPoodle


    The Great and Powerful Trixie narrates the tale of her encounter with a family's bizarre curse.

    A re-telling in pony form of a 1910 story about one of Sherlock Holmes' ghost-busting rivals.


    The Mare With No Name by Roberthood


    A broken amulet drives the once Great and Powerful mare into a life on the lam. With no friends, no shelter (not even her beloved wagon!), Trixie finds herself doing whatever she can to stay one step ahead of the law, but trying to remain incognito proves difficult for the former showmare.


    An Extended Performance by Jordan179


    The Great and Powerful Trixie is unhappy when her Summer Sun Festival night gig in Manehattan turns out to be a show at an open-air neighborhood festival in a seedy Lower East Side park. When the Sun refuses to rise on schedule, Trixie finds herself giving the greatest performance of her life to an increasingly-terrified crowd. But darker forces are moving events to an inescapable confrontation.


    Daybreaker by Lets Do This


    "Do not speak to us of flame or wrath! Lest we show thee what the words truly mean!"

    Twilight, Starlight, and Trixie go back in time to answer two questions: why did Celestia become Daybreaker, and how did Equestria survive?