• Pony Life Theme Song Remix by Nyancat380! [Cumbiastep]

    Nyancat380 hones his Cumbiastep game some more after releasing the album Bass Theory, this time treating us to a surprising remix of the Pony Life Theme Song! This is one spin on the original that you did not expect! It's so good to see more pony musicians joining the fun and the madness of Pony Life, even making fan works like these! Long live the community!

    By the way, I'm taking this chance to inform you all that pony label Equestrian Terror Corps opened submissions for a new compilation album themed around Luna and the power of dreams, a spin-off in the Corequestria series titled "Luna’s Nightmare Society"!! Excerpt: "The theme of this comp is exploring the nightmares of ponies in Equestria, similarly to how Princess Luna does every night, but in musical form!" The deadline is October 29th, just in time for Nightmare Night!

    Read more about it and how to submit, from here! And find links to their Discord server and social media accounts at the end of that doc!