• Gratitude Music: Tw3Lv3 - One Small Thing (feat. Drummershy, Koa & MC-Arch) [Progressive House]

    Read my writeup in the description of this Cider Party upload for some tender backstory about this song and its meanings intended by Tw3Lv3, who wants to spread a message and say thank you to the community! When I got the full explanation in PM it was just so lovely! The meaningful song and collab from A State of Sugar Chocolate is also nothing short of amazing musically-speaking, and it's one of the many mind-blowing gems from the album!

    Edit: Tw3Lv3 commented on the video with an explanation about the meanings behind the song, so check it out, and the message is also included after the break!

    (Thank you so much for that, I'm so honored <3)