• Equestria Girls: Street Chic Follow Up

    So many options to choose from to give grace to our fashion queen Rarity. But with it being September, pumpkin spice is emerging, and Halloween decorations are shaking off the real cobwebs, this felt like the absolute perfect short to witness. If you’re in the Mid-West, this hits home with being relatable. But it also showcases Rarity in her element of making anyone she meets on the street into the fashion icon they didn’t see within themselves. If I were to give a moral to this short, it would be to make sure you’re able to shine in your best whether it’s inside or outside. That, or be sure to check the weather forecast online. It helps to be ready for just about any type of weather. Hey, that’s not a bad moral either.

     Don’t you just hate when you’re trying to get a good shot and someone is walking directly into the frame like Curly Winds over here? Just trying to get home so he can get warm and pulling his jacket up? How rude. Especially when you have Rarity giving out a demonstration of fashion looks for the season. I think the building is also the boutique where she works at so it’s nice that Prim Hemline let her employee do her video outside the shop. Gotta get that free publicity.

    Looks like the Curly Winds also brought…curly winds to the video. Along with some nicely shaded orange and yellow leaves. That’s probably not significant.

    Of course the first one she would rope into her finely manicured claws would be Applejack just walking by. Anybody wanna guess if AJ is having hot apple cider in that cup? And maybe it’s just for the camera, but I love Rarity for praising Applejack’s simple country wardrobe that works for her. Also called it…scrumptious. The shippers can take that anywhere they want.

    I find it interesting how much simpler the new outfit is compared to Applejack’s already simple wardrobe of denim skirt and t-shirt and giving her a camisole and mini skirt. Very cute. Now if Applejack can stop shivering so I can get a better look at her super cute outfit.

    Ok just to be mean, I wanted to say this was Fluttershy laughing at Applejack, but I couldn’t do it. She’s just breathing into her hands to stay warm. Though I do see Applejack contemplating on stealing that fluffy white scarf she’s wearing. Don’t worry Applejack. You won’t be alone in the suffering.

    Dark clouds, geese flying, and more turned leaves. Yep. This is a normal afternoon in Michigan for me. Except I don’t go outside. I get chilly in 80 degrees if it’s windy. But also a good hint that the summer days are numbers. But since Fluttershy said they were flying away for the winter, then it’s gotta be some time around October. How Rarity didn’t notice the month she’s in is a bit concerning.

    Fluttershy for your sake, run. Run as fast as you can. You’re in her cross-hairs sweetheart. Applejack is screaming at you in her head to high tail it out of there.

    Applejack: "Too late."

    Rarity I have to wonder how are you doing this? Are you just stripping away your friend’s clothes in the middle of a sidewalk to dress them up? This can’t be just editing since none of them look to be in on the joke. That is a very stylish dress for Fluttershy though. And Rarity is just so proud of this. Who would have the heart to tell her they’re freezing?

    Rule of Rainbow: Flatter her enough that she doesn’t notice when her friends are trying to warn her about danger. Rarity is still loving the camera and somehow also not feeling the cold like her friends are suffering through. She’s truly a professional on film. Or maybe her body temperature just runs really warm.
    Editor’s Note: Anybody else getting “Mystery Magical Cure” vibes from this short? Rarity making people suffer in cold weather while trying to be helpful. 

    Ok so even Rainbow Dash is at least a hint concerned on how Rarity did all this so fast. The shirt is simple and cute with the knot on the side. And as Rarity observes the outfit she magically put on Rainbow Dash like she’s old school Wonder Woman, Applejack and Fluttershy shake their head in sadness and disappointment…and probably shivering from the cold.

    Rarity: “Ignore the nature Rainbow Dash. Summer chic is a state of mind.”

    So Rarity IS aware of the weather changes, but doesn’t care about it in the sense of fashion. She also seems to want to Morpheus from The Matrix with this line. Best pony indeed. And in a way, she’s kinda right. So many clothing stores put different clothes out even if it’s out of season and to make sure to get rid of it, they mark it at a lower price than when it was needed. It can be 70 degrees and department stores will still sell heavy coats. But again, I’m from the Mid-West, where we look for Easter eggs in 3 inches of snow.

    This is a Rarity short, but I’m giving gold stars to these three. Not only are they not begging for their clothes back and storm off somewhere to get warm, but are at least able to stop shivering for a few moments to strike a pose for the end of Rarity’s video. Those are some true friends. And again, the outfits are not bad. Just not for…right now.

    Yeah that’s basically how winter works here. Or maybe the Rainbow Dash from Equestria broke the weather machine here too to stop winter from coming and having Tank hibernate. Where’s Twilight to give us the memes?

    Rarity: “Remind me to do our photo shoots indoors” 

    Well at least we know Rarity is feeling the cold now…after having 7 inches of snow crash down on them. Yeah I think her body just runs really warm in a lot of cases. But she was still able to the wrap things up before Jack Frost threw a giant snowball on their scene. Professional to the end.
    And that was Street Chic, a moment in Rarity getting carried away with her love of fashion to have function take a back seat. Of all the Rarity videos I could’ve picked (believe me I had a list), I can’t help but love this one for just how sweet and excitable she is when she’s giving fashion advice and makeovers. It really comes from a place of generosity for wanting to accent the best parts of her friends and letting them shine inside and out. Rarity is my favorite of the Mane 6 and I could watch marathons of her greatest moments and never get bored of her dramatic flair and personality paired with a warm heart and high praise for what she loves to do. Best way to celebrate Rarity Day coming up is to wear an outfit that makes you look and feel good and to keep that feeling going no matter what you wear. I’m Penny Wrights and I’m going to get a fancy coffee drink that’s not pumpkin spice.

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