• Equestria Girls: FOMO Epsisode Follow Up


    So I was slow to not realize that there are a lot more shorts being made for Equestria Girls and this was one of the ones I randomly stumbled upon. Hand to Luna, if I had known about this short before, I probably would’ve did it for Rarity Day. But better late than never. I also realized that I was not up on the cool slang as I thought I was and had to look up what the title meant. FOMO is actually an acronym for Fear Of Missing Out, which is really relatable in a lot of ways. When having a lot of friends who might hang out to do things without you, you can feel like something amazing happened and that you missed out on all the fun *cough* What About Discord *ahem**cough*. Anyway, if there was a moral to give to this short, it would be to trust your friends and know that they might have things they need to do, but never take it as if they’re abandoning you. Either that, or be sure to tip your taxi driver well when doing random stakeouts on your friends. Let’s take a look at our dramatic fashionista and see how she handles not being around her friends. 

    Spoiler Alert: she didn't handle it well


    Excuse me Wiz Kid. What do you think you’re doing with Teddy? Who said you can start new ships in this series, huh? Go find Curly Winds and be OTP again. 


    If not for the set up already, I would’ve been curious about what Rarity was gonna ask Rainbow Dash. Not to mention being curious about these two interacting with each other. RariDash is a thing, but they really never had much screen time together. Too bad, but it looks like Rainbow’s gotta…dash. 

    I’m so sorry.


    If Rarity made a face like that when it comes to Rainbow Dash doing her chores, I’d probably feel the same way. Especially when you have a friend with super speed who can probably clean a whole house in 10 minutes flat. 


    So I had to get this moment of Twilight with the out turned heels. It’s just too cute. And seeing as Rainbow Dash has a scooter, we can probably assume she had fun riding one in the Friendship Games. After that moment in the movie, I just assume scooter licenses are a common thing in the high schools and every student has them and certain ones like Sunset, Fluttershy and Applejack chose to take advanced classed to get a car license. Won’t deny. Really cool scooter and the helmets are cute, too.


    I won’t deny feeling my heart sink at this expression. The girl literally just watched two of her friends drive off together to do something fun leaving Rarity behind. This taken aback expression really sunk into her heart and into mine as well. But Rarity is a strong character. She knows what she has to do. 

    Hail a taxi!!!


    Sweetie Belle, my dear. How is it possible that you did not notice your own big sister pitching a fit two feet away from you? In fact, how are you ignoring her loud wailing for a taxi? But it’s good to see Sandlewood and Micro Chips are still the bestest of buddies. At least this ship is doing just fine….right Wiz Kid?


    Yes Rarity. This is absolutely normal. Using binoculars to spy on your friends in a taxi with a scarf on your head and sunglasses to hide your face. She is truly not feeling ok right now. Lighter note, great continuity with Sunset’s Flanksy graffiti art work in the background. 


    For Rarity’s case, I don’t deny being like this sometimes when spying on friends on social media. Not trying to follow them in a taxi though. But the idea that they went shopping without her should be a good sign that it might’ve not been clothes shopping since their friend is so into fashion. From the looks of out front I would’ve expected them to be grocery shopping, especially with the fresh produce out front. And I know I have a nit-pick gene in my bone when I keep think “why isn’t Applejack with them? She could’ve carried every singe bag they had here” or "Twilight, you can levitate all these bags without breaking a sweat". Ok maybe for the Twilight one they want to keep the power between themselves and their ENTIRE SCHOOL!


    When you have to hide like this to avoid your friends instead of confronting them right then and there, it becomes an issue when you can’t be upfront with how you feel. I mean this is Rarity we’re talking about. When you have a character so bent on being generous to everyone around her, it makes sense she would be hurt if she felt unneeded. It’s basically what made her turn into Nightmare Rarity in the comic series. Being abandoned by her friends. Just with the knowledge of that arc in the comics mixed with this short is enough to give me anxiety, but also interest because I would love to see a human Nightmare Rarity be canon.


    Rarity: "Driver, take me home!"
    Driver: "Uh...lady, I need an address"

    This woman must have been through enough stakeouts to be to calm and collected about her passenger having a mini nervous breakdown in the backseat of her car. Like I said, I hope Rarity tipped her well. There is no doubt in my mind this woman probably texted her friend on break about the passenger she just had. 


    So I’m pretty sure this is what all dramatic people do now. Self-monologue in dramatic poses while entering her house. As a side note, I do wish this show in general didn’t treat being by yourself like a bad thing. For Rarity, yes I can see why she would feel this was. Girl is a true extrovert. And it’s not until the end of the short that we know the reason for the secrecy. Let’s put it this way. I’m really, REALLY glad this was happening with Rarity and not Pinkie Pie. Party of One should not have had as much nightmare fuel as it was. 


    So somehow these six girls broke into her house, hid into her bedroom and set up a surprise party for Rarity’s birthday. Again, really glad it didn’t go the darker route like in Party of One. And with Applejack being keen on set building, that might include decorating as well. And with super strength at her fingertips, it makes me glad Applejack didn’t rip the door off the hinges when sneaking into Rarity’s house. But for legal purposes, let’s just say her parents let them in. 


    So if we minus the balloons and streamers, this room is very sparkly. Not to mention I find myself questioning why Rarity has a white unicorn with purple hair hanging in her room. Was this here before the magic horse girl transformation or after? But then the unicorn versions never had their horns even though Fluttershy, Twilight and Rainbow Dash had wings. And I also had kind of a sad thought about this whole short. Twilight was super excited to be apart of this and it’s probably because she never had any friends to throw a surprise party for. In other news, this is probably the happiest I’ve seen Rarity’s cat Opal in a while.


    Cat faced Rarity wins all arguments. But this was a sweet moment just to show that Rarity had an embarrassing side of vulnerability. Just being able to know she’s still cared for and not abandoned by her friends was enough to make her feel better. It’s always important to just acknowledge your friends and confirm your relationships. Just too sweet for words.

    And that was FOMO, a relatable short for anyone fearing the silent loneliness of abandonment. You know, for kids! I know plenty of people like this, myself included, that can feel left out of things or events happening with friends. It’s hard not to think they might just be excluding you on purpose or if certain circumstances prevented you from going with them. There’s even plenty of episodes in the show that talks about it like “What About Discord”. They don't really talk about acknowledging your friends for comfort, but just because you can’t have something to do on your own time without feeling bad. Kinda bitter to see it that way, but it really depends on the person and how they see it. I still like how this short went and I want to hope that maybe Rarity felt even better with the surprise than if she was told. I’m Penny Wrights and I have some people on social media to bug about why they went for bubble tea without me.