• 30 of the Best Fanfics to Read for Sunset Day!

    Sunset's Day has offiically arrived! With that, we have the fanfics. Have 30 awesome ones different from last year below. Thanks to fanfiction scout Whisper Key for digging them up.

    Slice of Life




    Happy Endings by Nyronus


    Sunset has Twilight over for their weekly Movie Night when she notices something upsetting: Twilight isn't happy. Sunset tries to pull her girlfriend out of her funk and get to the bottom of what's bothering her, but what can you say when the one you love reveals she's afraid because her life is about to end?

    A story of endings, changes, and friendship.


    Sunset's Isekai by Wanderer D


    Somewhere in the multiverse, there is a bar. It's small—the kind-of a hole-in-the wall place which you might find open late at night while walking down the streets of Canterlot City in the 1920's.

    But unlike most bars, this one is not actually there… or rather, not where you think it is.

    The entrance to Sunset's Isekai will be found in passing; an archway made of stone, emerging from a wall that you could have sworn had nothing there before, and in fact seems impossible to actually lead anywhere.

    There, a door of solid oak—lovingly worked and stained to look almost golden-red—with a thick, crystal version of Sunset's cutie mark at eye level awaits visitors under the soft light of a gas lamp.

    This door opens to all worlds, and can only be found by those that need that drink to be just the right type of different.


    The Return of Sunset by Ninjadeadbeard


    The guards are scared to say it.

    Sunset Shimmer has returned to Canterlot.

    And the Princess is furious...


    Diary of the Fallen Star by Piccolo Sky


    The personal diary of Sunset Shimmer: from the days prior to being chosen by Princess Celestia as her new prize student, to her ascension through the School for Gifted Unicorns, to her corruption and lust for power, to her escape to and conquest of Canterlot High School, to her attempts at atonement, and finally her redemption.









    Unforgivable by DrakeyC


    For a year now Twilight has watched as her good friends Sunset Shimmer and Starlight Glimmer enjoyed a loving, tender romantic relationship. But when Starlight comes home one day cursing her girlfriend and declaring their relationship has ended, Twilight must rise to the occasion and try to help these two move past their disagreements and mend fences before their love is lost to the ages.

    But perhaps some wounds are too great to be healed with kind works and civil discussions.


    "Anon-a-Miss" Kills Her Accusers by Wanderer D


    Anon-a-Miss has invaded Canterlot High and the girls think that Sunset did it! How can she ever regain her honor?

    Mortal Kombat, of course. Equestrian Tradition dictates that challenges are to be issued and duels are to be performed. Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, and Applejack are all well aware of these facts.

    The CMCs, however, haven't had that particular Social Studies class, and now they have started to realize what they have unleashed.


    Sunset Shimmer is not an Alicorn by jqnexx


    A pony Sunset Shimmer wronged before leaving Equestria is back for revenge, and is insisting Sunset come to confront her alone. Can Sunset help the wayward mare? Can Sunset use the magic of friendship without any friends around? Is Sunset an alicorn? Well, do you see any wings?


    Sunsplit by Masterweaver


    "Hey, you used to be Celestia's student, right? Did you know Sunset Shimmer?"


    Good Grief by DrakeyC


    In the arenas of video game shooters, there is only one rule: there are no rules.


    Swimming Lessons by reynard


    It's the height of summer in Canterlot, and everything is peaceful for Celestia, sole ruler of Equestria and regent of the sun and moon. Her newest and youngest of pupils is mastering every task set before her, moving through every subject with confidence and skill.

    Every subject except for one, that is.

    Little Sunset Shimmer can't swim. And Princess Celestia aims to fix that... no matter how difficult it ends up being.









    But With a Whimper by Undome Tinwe


    Rarity and Sunset say goodbye to each other as their marriage comes to an end.



    Red/Yellow by The Cloptimist


    What did happen to the "other" Sunset Shimmer? The human one? The one who isn't a pony? Where is she?

    Sunset is pretty sure she knows the answer.


    In and Out of Phase by Grand_Moff_Pony


    They say a life remembered is a life well-lived, and Twilight and I lived a very good life. But when there's more years behind you than there are in front, memories are all you have. Lose those and what do you have left?

    That I can answer that question at all breaks my heart all over again.


    Just Want A Hug by SilverStar7


    "If you ever need anything, come see me, okay?"

    When Fluttershy said those words, Sunset had not really believed her. Just last week, Sunset had been a tyrant, a bully. Surely the girl was just being nice. They weren't really friends.

    But as her emotions rage inside, Sunset begins to wonder if, perhaps, those words meant something. Perhaps she really could go to Fluttershy for something. Something only a friend can provide...


    My Empire of Dirt by PrincessColumbia


    One week after the Fall Formal, Principal Celestia is surprised to learn that a near-catatonic Sunset Shimmer has been calling out for her in the girl's sleep. Sunset has been unresponsive even to professional medical authorities, so what could have prompted her to call out in her sleep for an educator who had only occasionally interacted with her?


    Zealots of Canterlot by Aquaman


    A few weeks before her college graduation, Sunset Shimmer attends Twilight Sparkle's funeral. She'd rather be anywhere else but here. She'd rather think about anything but what role she played—or didn't play—in her girlfriend's premature death.

    We don't always get what we want, though. After the last several months, Sunset knows that better than anyone.









    Forget Me Nots by Sun Sage


    Despite years together, Sunset has yet to meet Wallflower's parents. With their wedding only months away, it's time to do that, and more importantly it's time to know why it hadn't happened until now.


    Once More Into The Night by Undome Tinwe


    On a cold winter's night, two ponies find themselves trapped in a kingdom of eternal summer.


    Inferno by DrakeyC


    Twilight won't settle for anything less than a perfect gift for her girlfriend.

    They have very different ideas about what that entails.


    Hearthfire & Wintertides by Deathscar


    Back when she was a filly, Tempest made the decision to run away from her home. Away from those that loved her. And, unknowingly, began a path of harm and ruin. Now, years later, Tempest has achieved what she never thought possible. She's in a wonderful relationship and is surrounded by close friends. And, most importantly, she thought she had finally escaped her past.

    However, during the annual Hearthfire visits for Hearth's Warming, she's suddenly asked to return to Wintertide village, the place of her birth. In just under a week, she has to make a choice. Face her past.

    Or sacrifice the present.









    Equestria Girls: Two Sunsets by moviefan-92


    Canterlot High School is having a talent show, and the Rainbooms are eager to join in. However, things get complicated when the human world version of Sunset Shimmer suddenly makes an appearance. After much confusion and several mix-ups, she finally meets her counterpart and her friends. Unlike her counterpart, however, she's shy and reserved. The girls try to befriend her, but this Sunset doesn't seem to be too interested in friendship. She is, however, very interested in the rumors of magic surrounding Canterlot High, and seems to be hiding something magic related herself. And when magical mishaps begin to occur, the Equestria Girls begin to suspect that this new Sunset may be behind them. Is it possible that she's evil and power hungry the way her counterpart once was, or is there something else at work?


    Phoenix-born rising - the ascension of Sunset Shimmer [1st ed.] by The Voice in the Water


    The rite of the phoenix is one of the most celebrated moments among the sun-gazers of Solaria. For with the hatching of a new phoenix, comes the ascension of a new phoenix-born: a mortal chosen by the phoenix to be its new life partner and guardian. Only those with both strength and purity of their inner fire can draw the attention of a hatchling phoenix, so only the best of the best can ever hope to be chosen.

    To one young orphan girl named Sunset Shimmer, she could only dream of witnessing the ascent of one of Celestia's chosen. As the day approaches, she learns that she will be able to, as she has been selected by the crown as one of the girls to serve at the event.

    Little did she know that this would be the seminal event of her life, and change her fate forever.


    Trip the Light Scholastic by ArgonMatrix


    Sunset Shimmer had hated Cadance since before they'd even met. After working her tail off for so many years as Princess Celestia's personal protégé, striving for perfection and aiming to eventually earn a royal title of her own, to have some random, two-bit nopony fall out of the sky and steal her crown felt like a kick to the horn.

    So you can imagine Sunset's absolute delight when Princess Celestia assigns her to be Cadance's private magic tutor.

    While at first it seems like some cruel punishment, Sunset quickly sees a golden opportunity. If she does this right, she might stand to gain far more than a mere grade.


    As Told by Sunset by ChudoJogurt


    Sunset was a student of the Princess, a magical prodigy, a diplomat and adventurer long before CHS. She was a researcher, an academic, a fighter, a lover, a general and a thief. She's been to far away countries, alien worlds and deadly jungles, crossed sea and scaled mountains, fought mythical beasts and rescued damsels in distress (and some times the other way around).

    So when the time is right and audience is willing, she has tales and stories to tell, to amaze and to astonish.

    Some may be tall tales, other - honest truth, and none may tell which is which, yet still, each story is what made Sunset who she is today.


    The Mage and the Filly Fair by Fahrenheit


    Before Sunset Shimmer tried to take over a high school, long before she fled through the mirror portal, in the days before she was even the personal student of Princess Celestia, the young filly met Canterlot's most elusive stranger. He gave her a secret. And then a gift. And finally, a revelation.

    In the end, he really only brought Sunset a curse.









    Plugged In by Impossible Numbers


    Sunset Shimmer owns this world. She can do whatever she likes, play whatever games are devised, run around in a high-tech simulation the like of which has never been seen, smelled, heard, touched, or tasted before. And why wouldn’t she, when the Spirit of Chaos himself is her own personal game master?

    But sooner or later, all good games must come to an end…


    Sunset Shimmer in the Land of Enchantment by Darkstarling


    Sunset is feeling a bit uprooted facing the changes that come with graduation, so she and her friends set off on a road trip to make this last summer one to remember. And New Mexicolt seems the perfect place. Art, history, and natural beauty abound. But strange auroras haunt the skies, and there are reports of UFOs.

    Really, the state motto is The Land of Enchantment. They should have seen this coming.









    Double Trouble: The Flaws Within by Masterius


    When Sunset Shimmer decided to return to Equestria to right past wrongs, neither she nor her friend Princess Twilight Sparkle could possibly imagine the series of events resulting from that decision.

    With the Crystal Mirror irrevocably broken, Princess Twilight is now stranded in the other world, while the highly agitated, furious, and unhelpful human Twilight is equally stranded in Equestria. Sunset Shimmer--still new to friendship--now faces enormous challenges as she struggles to solve the seemingly impossible: how to send the human Twilight back while also bringing Princess Twilight back, when the only portal between worlds has been destroyed...and how to heal her former mentor and teacher, Princess Celestia, who has been stricken by a debilitating illness.

    With the prickly and standoffish Twilight refusing to help--and, more often than not, injuring feelings and infuriating tempers--the fate of both worlds rests squarely on her shoulders.


    War Games by River Road


    Because Equestrian magic has a knack for showing up at the most inconvenient moments, Sunset and her friends find themselves trapped in their new video game. They don't know how to get out, they don't know how to win the game, and some of them don't even know that they're in a game in the first place.

    But don't worry, because if Sunset had a plan it wouldn't last five minutes in this pseudo-political mess anyway.


    Dune Goddess by Prane


    Princess Celestia is a proud mentor to an extraordinary filly.

    That very filly has read all there was in the vast libraries of Canterlot, and is bored to death during lectures at the School for the Gifted Unicorns where she attends. She’s also destined to bear the Element of Magic, and one day, perhaps, even take Celestia’s place on the throne. She may have some rough edges, true, but Celestia is going to teach her the magic of friendship and the values that are important in life.

    If only Sunset Shimmer could stop sabotaging her efforts wherever they go.