• Show/EQG Songs Mashups Album: Rhapsody HC - My Little Pony Mashups Return

    Normally we don't give solo posts to mashups but this is a whole album and the mashups are especially well-thought and well-made, so I thought this was worth the share! It's also a great chance for people who have yet to catch up with all the EQG specials (like me) to discover some great EQG songs they might have missed. Just like I found out about this amazing Equestria Girls Theme Song, mashuped as track #8 "As Long As You Love Equestria Girls" here for an incredible effect!! Others among my favorites from the album are #7 "Cutie Mark Can't Hold Us" and #10 "Smile", I recommend them for new ways to appreciate the original songs we know and love!

    Download the album from OneDrive here (includes an alternate version and two bonus tracks!), and find the YouTube video of the full album embedded below the break!