• New Cast of Characters Confirmed for Generation 5 of My Little Pony in September 2021 - Starting With Movie

    Some big news has arrived out of Festival of Licensing. My Little Pony Generation 5 is finally getting some new information released after almost a year of silence on it. We knew Twilight Sparkle wasn't returning, but it's looking like Hasbro is going for a full on, brand new cast for this one as seen in the quote:

    Next up, the world of Equestria is expanding to introduce a new generation of ponies to a new generation of fans. With more humor, heart, and music than ever before, Hasbro hopes that audiences will be swept away by the new cast of ponies and the incredible adventure that awaits them. Fall in love with My Little Pony all over again when the all-new, computer-animated theatrical feature hits theaters everywhere in September 2021.

    The date for the movie was revealed way back in 2019, and pretty much everything from the early leaks has been completely changed up at this point. We really are going in blind! Hopefully it's good.

    Thanks to Nick and Squeaky Belle for the heads up