• Fanfic Music: RedSpark - The Letter And A Journey Ahead [Orchestral/Soundtrack]

    This is getting big! The musical continuation of the story started with the Opening and Main Theme comes along the release of the accompanying full-fledged fanfiction on Fimfiction, written by RedSpark himself! A Tale of Starlight is the full story of these musical pieces and it's so amazing how the dedicated musician is writing a fanfic in addition to music to tell this epic story. The Letter And A Journey Ahead embodies the excitement and wonder of a new journey filled with mystery and a will to protect, as well as the Magic of Friendship since Starlight's best friend Trixie is traveling with her! The campfire scene depicted by the artwork (commissioned to floweryoutoday for the occasion!) is so heart-warming and immersive, and the epic music filled with depth and adventure vibes is escorting the soul into a new magical realm.