• Equestria Girls: The Salty Sails Episode Follow Up

    Gotta get as much summertime activities as possible before we lock ourselves up purposely for winter. This time we set sails for troubling waters. Hopefully, this time there’s no unknown sea monster with a thing for cucumber sandwiches in the schedule. I can’t help but think about episode “Pony Point of View” from season 6. Only this time we get Twilight instead of Applejack. But at least with Twilight, I’m sure things won’t get too crazy, right? Oh wait. Pinkie Pie is in this short as well. If I were to give a moral to this short, it would be that any disasters can be overcome when you have friends with you. That, or try to remember you have super powers that can help you when you’re about to crash into a giant rock. You can say goodbye to your deposit after that.

    So from Twilight’s map, it looks like they’re going to say hi to Steven Magnet and ask what portal he traveled from the Everfree Forrest to end up in a human world. They didn’t even draw on his fabulous mustache. Maybe Rarity can fix it like her pony counterpart did in Season 1.

    Well at least we know first hand that Rarity can work with less hair on her head. Now if we can bring this into the human world, we’re set for my long list of cosplays I need to do.

    Of course you can count on Pinkie to bring the best treats for a trip. I’m at least glad she’s trying to carry them more in baskets than in her hair. As convenient as her portal hair is, I have concerns about how hygienic that is. Also, I admit to literally drooling at this caramel cream puff. Super tasty looking.

    Well if there’s one trope that never stops, it’s having Rarity bringing 10% of her wardrobe and closet for a small sailing session. Items including a bag of gems, change of clothes, a coat in case it gets chilly (even though you’re on a beach), and a small folding table. These are her essentials apparently.

    Always count on Twilight to be ready for anything…anything except Rarity and her huge bag. I’ll admit it’s kinda messed up how Rarity’s bag was apparently too big for the boat and wanted her calculations to be accurate for the boat itself. So what’s the solution?   

    Moving her bag for her off the boat with her magic. No compromise to at least see what they all might need. Just get rid of it all. I’m happy it came in handy where it was later on, but still kinda messed up. Not even a “sorry” from Twilight. Just a casual shoulder shrug while getting the death glare from Rarity.

    So in this instance, Pinkie is gonna be out resident monologue spewing pirate. Between the three of them, it fits her character. Pinkie and Applejack are truly the ones looking for adventure and I can’t help but love that about them. Twilight it ready for trouble, while Pinkie tries to find it.

    So instead of going towards the open waters, the girls are flung in the strongest reverse since the trains in the actual show. Looks like they’re gonna crash into the beach at this rate. How about that telekinesis magic Twilight. Just use it to turn the boat in the right direction.

    Ship fuel because…ship fuel. I don’t need a reason! But it looks like while being rocked by the boat, the girls don’t really get nautical speak that Twilight is using. Makes you wonder who the real pirate is supposed to be on this ship.

    The power of fashion can literally move boats. You cannot write situations like this. At most I worry about how stretched out that hat is when this is all done. RIP fancy sunhat. You were very well made and helped give enough wind power to get the girls back on course.  You will be missed.

    So just to clear this up. This dramatic scream and fear in her eyes is not from anybody being thrown off the boat. It’s for her map. This scene and dramatic hand reaching out is because her chart got blown away. Uh…priorities? And yet still no powers to try to grab it back. Twilight you’re not Twilighting properly. Magic needs to be used for everything.

    Oh look, a giant rock to crash in. Ain’t that adventurous? But I do like that we do see this suspiciously horse shaped rock in Twilight’s map. Can’t say it popped out of nowhere here. But if that’s the case, you girls better call for a sea serpent to help you out. Just jive him a few compliments and I’m sure he’ll be here.

    Well look at that. A character that remembers they have powers that can help instead of just using them for lifting a bag off of boats. And it’s a good thing Pinkie somehow puts sprinkles on everything. It’s the most convenient weapon that just looks like food to anyone else.

    Ok yeah I have some concerns about how strong those exploding sprinkles are now. A hand full of sprinkles from a dessert she had did that amount of splash where it made a wave strong enough to push the boat back to the dock. That’s just too amazing. And yet Twilight’s telekinetic powers or Rarity’s gem shield couldn’t do anything else in this short? Pinkie gets MVP for this move.
    Disclaimer: No fish were harmed in the exploding of this baked good…I hope.

    Well at least their near death experience can be laughed off with ease. I don’t know if I’d go sailing again with the same people, but you know. They’re fine. And even Rarity’s bag is still here in the same spot they left it. Nice to see nobody wanted to steal it. It would probably be too heavy anyway.
    (Editor’s note: I really love Pinkie’s hair like this. Did anybody else notice how nice it looks on her when it’s less curly? She kinda has a full body wave going on with it now.)

    And just like that, Twilight should apologize for leaving the bag here instead of bringing something with towels in it. And very nice towel at that. But at the same time, the bag could’ve been flown off with how fast they were going. Hey, if Rarity was able to hold onto her hat through all this, then maybe the heavy bag could’ve worked as a counterweight for the boat? I don’t know boat for forgive me if that’s not how boat works.

    Pinkie you’re already the champion of this short. Don’t add more points with another monologue with a cape and wind blowing. Now you’re just being too good. I guess I can say everyone shined their own way in this short. Pinkie with quick thinking on using her powers, Rarity for being overly prepared, and Twilight for…speaking nautical? Ok she at least was helpful when trying to get the boat back on course, but also miscalculated where the wind was gonna take them. Oh well. At least she gives us the moral of the short to make it seem like they weren’t just about to crash into a horse rock.

    And now Pinkie discovers salted caramel. Don’t know if that’s supposed to be natural or slightly gross. But knowing Pinkie, it won’t matter. Bonus points for salted caramel!
    And that was The Salty Snails, a fun romp of boating fun that might’ve caused a lot more trouble than expected. The short was fun and adventurous with some good laughs from Pinkie and Rarity. Twilight, not so much. But it’s hard playing the straight character in situations. Only a few characters can really make it interesting to play off of the craziness around them. There shouldn’t be any reason they girls can’t tell this story to their friends compared to “Pony Point of View” since there was no misunderstandings, no random sea creature (sadly), and no embarrassing way back to shore. But that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the nautical adventures you get to see in this short. And at least they got the boat back safe and sound. I’m Penny Wrights and I’m going to binge watch all the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.