• Equestria Girls: Lost and Found Follow Up

    If there’s one thing you can count on when going to the beach, bring things that you can afford to lose in the sand. For myself, I don’t need a full beach. I just need a very untidy bedroom. In this short, take a look at relics of old, Ashleigh Ball doing most of the voice work, and reasons why wearing earrings to the beach is probably not the best idea. If there was a moral for this short, it would be to help your friends even if it’s for the little things…like finding little things. Either that or you really shouldn’t wear earrings to the beach. I mean forget it getting lost on the beach, it can just end up really sandy and once it gets in, it never gets out.

    You can’t get a more chill couple of girls than these two. Applejack and Rainbow Dash can be heated when it comes to competition in the pony world, but these two really compliment each other with RD’s natural chill and AJ’s laid back attitude. Not to mention some really cool surf board designs.

    Welp, time to ruin the mood with some dramatics from our designated drama queen of the short. I love the voice acting for this scene specifically just because Rarity’s voice just cuts through the relaxed atmosphere like a samurai sword. But it still adds a lot of laughs to the scene.

    Rarity: “A complete work of art! I would know. I made it”

    Without even labeling where one sentence ended and where it began, you can tell where just from the voice and expression alone. So Rarity’s issue is that she lost an earring she made. An earring that SHE HERSELF made. Let that sink in some more. Maybe I can understand if it was made with some rare stones or fabric that’s not easily available, but still. The thing that made it special is that it was rare, not that it help memories for her.

    Yeah I would probably have a similar face, but still. You can truly count on these two on being honest about how they feel about this. It doesn’t mean you don’t want to help, though. Maybe use these two as a reference of “I can’t tell you how badly I don’t want to help you.”

    Rarity: “My ear was…NAKED!”

    Careful Rarity. If you say anything like that, people might want to start taking pictures of your ears. It’s not creepy. I’m sure it’s not creepy with any adult ulterior motives. And Rarity, aren’t your ears always naked?

    So once the help was offered, she already had equipment (one specifically that she modified for herself). It might be because she knows these two well enough that they would help, but that was very convenient to already be this ready for sand searching. But now the hunt is on for the missing earring. Let’s see what else they find on the way.

    An ice skate on the beach. How? Why? We may never know. Mostly because I’m pretty sure the ocean wouldn’t be frozen enough to skate on.

    Ok so other than super strength not working like this normally, they could use their powers to turn this beach upside down almost to find the earring. Applejack’s shovel apparently adopted to her super strength and Rainbow Dash has super speed to just dig and dig. This could be another easy fix, but since I know that’s not the point of the powers (even though it’s being used here), it would probably make the short even…shorter. What did Applejack even find here?

    Uh…clever Easter Egg? A reminder that these girls can grow horse ears and tails? The aftermath of some guy who rode in on a horse to propose to his girlfriend? The world may never know. But this is only the beginning. How much other stuff could be buried under the sand?

    Well then…obviously a lot of stuff. But seriously guys. You have gold coins and gold bars here. Cash it in! Can’t we have a lesson of appreciating what you do find instead of what you didn’t find. Like bonding and good friends and a ton of gold? Also a UFO was found somehow? I guess when fighting evil magic from a magic horse world, you get desensitized from finding E.T.’s old ride. There was also a possible dead body found from the looks of that skull. No reason to call the police on that, huh.

    And the true MVP goes to Applejack. Rarity felt like she wasted their whole day and yet Applejack can see the good in helping. Even saying that they haven’t even done the whole beach yet. At least giving Rarity hope that they’ll find it is really admirable and shows Applejack’s stubbornness as a means of never giving up.

    And just like that I feel the years pile onto my face. For those who didn’t grow up in the mid to late 90’s and early 2000’s era, this is most likely a Nokia cellphone. No downloadable apps, no keyboard, and the only thing of entertainment is a game called Snake. The one RD found is most likely the Nokia 3310. At least Rainbow Dash seems interesting in the retro. Especially when these brick phones can probably outlast even the cockroaches.

    Well better late than never on using the powers. But it’s a good finding technique I know quite well. Going over all that you’ve done one more time because for some reason the first time you were blind, but now the thing you were trying to find comes out of hiding. Hopefully something comes out of it.

    Don’t worry kid. We’ll get ‘em next time.  It was a good attempt and the earring is not bad if a little gaudy in my opinion. Someone apparently didn’t listen when I said not to wear earrings to the beach.

    Well look who was lucky enough to find a full gif of the ending scene. I’ll admit I had to rewind the video a few times to know exactly what happened. Rarity’s earring decided it wasn’t meant to be an earring and wanted to be a hair barrette and just chill there for the whole day. Somehow undisturbed and unnoticeable enough that Rarity didn’t feel it move at all. But isn’t that just like losing something. It’s in the place you never looked or starring at you in the face. Or maybe you’re like me who is talking on her cellphone while simultaneously trying to find her cellphone to check out Facebook or something. It happens.
    And that was Lost and Found, a fun short and a very relatable one that shows you can never underestimate a small object when it can be hiding in plain sight. I can’t tell you how many things I’ve lost (mostly because I forgot what they might be) and it just so happens to be in the last place I’d look. But at least Applejack’s stubbornness to never give up got Rarity to try to sweep the beach again and made the earring tumble out of her hair. But I don’t deny Applejack’s face when she saw that. Truly a face of a tired and irritated person. I’m Penny Wrights and I have to probably find something now. Who knows what it is.