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    • Why Luster Dawn could be Starlight and Sunburst's Daughter
    • The End of the Road for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic on Television
    • The Tree of Harmony is a clever Tolkien reference
    • Is Flurry Heart the next heroine of Equestria?

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    Why Luster Dawn could be Starlight and Sunburst's Daughter
    By Alexrioponylover95

    Hello everycreature!

    Now this is something I seen some people say, that Luster Dawn is the daughter of Starlight and Sunburst and well it hasn’t been officially confirmed yet if that’s true or not. To be honest, I’m half and half on this theory, but I wanted to explore some of the possibilities that it’s true. (And also a part of it is for the Starburst ship to become canon!)

    Now, we of course only have The Last Problem to pick out the hints that there is a connection, so not really much to prove anything, but speculate at least.

    So first of all, it does makes sense that Starlight and Sunburst would send their “daughter” to a high end school like the School of Gifted Unicorns, which she is. However I guess a counter argument would be that she would just attend the School of Friendship because her parents are there, but than again… Twilight could have decided on the same path for Luster as she had with Celestia.

    Twilight was Celestia’s personal student and attended the School of Gifted Unicorns before moving to Ponyville to learn all that she would come to know. Luster Dawn is the personal student of Twilight and also attended the School of Gifted Unicorns before Twilight decided it was time for her to go to Ponyville and well looks to have transferred to the School of Friendship.

    And I guess both Starlight and Sunburst would agree with this idea that their daughter would attend the school they work in at a later period, maybe give her some independence or different points of view.

    One other point is when we do see the School of Friendship in the future, with the new staff and students, when Twilight takes Luster Dawn into the school, we can see both Starlight and Sunburst looking at Luster Dawn with smiles and Luster Dawn smiling back. I guess you could just say that they’re just happy to have another student, but than again, both Starlight and Sunburst could also be happy that their “daughter” is taking the next big step.

    One last point I would like to bring up is something mentioned earlier when I brought up this topic in a Nightly Discussion and that’s the dialogue between Spike and Luster Dawn, which made it seem like Spike didn’t know Luster Dawn at all. To be honest, I kinda of disagree with this thought, reading the actual transcript, nothing to me suggests that the two didn’t know each other before Luster Dawn was summoned to the throne room in The Last Problem.
    Even if Luster Dawn wasn’t Starlight and Sunburst’s daughter, the two would know each other, at least by name. Even with Spike busy with his job as royal advisor and friendship ambassador and Luster Dawn at the School of Gifted Unicorns, they would have seen each other a few times at least. Spike would have gone to the school, if Twilight was there and needed to tell her something, seen Luster Dawn in the process and Luster Dawn would see Spike if she was summoned to the palace by Twilight and he was there.

    But those are just my thoughts on this topic, what do you believe? Could Luster Dawn in fact be Starlight and Sunburst’s daughter? (And please say yes… I need the Starburst ship to be canon!)

    The End of the Road for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic on Television
    By: FirePuppy

    With the new generation of My Little Pony coming up, Hasbro has already stopped making new storybooks, audio albums, digital home media (including Netflix releases), and bonus material on YouTube for both G4 and Equestria Girls. But that's not the only unpleasant thing that's happening.

    Discovery Family, the only TV channel where Friendship is Magic has ever aired in the U.S., has already phased out reruns of several seasons. The first to go were Seasons 1, 6, and 7, then in June, Season 5 disappeared next, and now, Seasons 2 and 3 will phase out as well, leaving only Seasons 4, 8 and 9 to remain on the channel. Moreover, their last MLP commercial has aired for many months, and there's no plans for Pony Life until late 2020 at the earliest.

    And despite a documentary about The Movie airing there once, the film itself instead aired on other channels like Universal Kids and Freeform. With all these events, it's already looking like the end of the road for G4 on television.

    I'm telling you the truth here, so don't you dare call me an asshole on this one! If you still don't believe me, check your local listings on Discovery Family for yourself.

    The Tree of Harmony is a clever Tolkien reference
    By Knightfluttershy

    The tree of harmony is a magical and mysterious tree which was used to create 6 gems that contained its power, which took the form of a rainbow of light. This rainbow of light was extremely harmful to any evil creatures which came into contact with it. The teee had the images of the sun and the moon on its trunk. The tree was shown to be dying and needed the elements to heal it. It was ultimately destroyed when a dark force discovered it and destroyed it forever.

    The trees of Valinor from The Silmarillion were magical and mysterious trees which were used to create 3 gems that contained its power, which took the form of a white light. This light was extremely harmful to any evil creatures which came into contact with it. The seeds of the trees were used to make the sun and the moon. The trees were shown to be dying and needed the gems to heal it, and they were ultimately destroyed when a dark force discovered them and destroyed them forever.

    The legacies of these trees are however quite different. Whereas the theft of the gems of Valinor brought untold misery to those who tried to seek them, the destruction of the elements still allowed for Twilight Sparkle to recognise that what they stood for, friendship, was more important than the gems themselves and used this to defeat Sombra. MLP shows what happens when you let go of an attachment to physical possessions, whereas Tolkien shows what happens when you don’t. In many ways, they are two sides of the same coin.

    Is Flurry Heart the next heroine of Equestria?
    By: Aleximus Prime

    In Ending of the End Part 2, we heard Twilight utter the words “If things don't work out, she's Equestria's last hope” talking, of course, about Flurry Heart. If Twilight believes this about Flurry being the “last hope”, this could create potential for Flurry being the next heroine to save Equestria with friends by her side the way Twilight once did. Of course the show is done and we will not see this happen, but even the season 10 comic doesn’t look like it will shed any light on it since it is taking place right after Twilight’s coronation and Flurry would still be a very young toddler at that time. At this point, the idea of Flurry being important can only be hypothetical as I am quite certain Hasbro will not have much to do with the G4 universe (aside from Pony Life but that’s a spin-off) once they get G5 up and running.

    But let’s look at another piece of evidence, probably the most substantial one pointing to Flurry doing something important. We did not get to see what Shining, Cadance, or Flurry looked like in the time-skip, but Flurry had her own stained glass window in Twilight’s throne room. The window did not show her beating a foe of any kind, she just looked rather regal and grown up, but there must be a reason she had that window to begin with. Perhaps her deed had nothing to do with going head-to-head with a villain, she may have solved a very important problem in Equestria. It is also possible this window was only meant to display her coronation and maybe this means she is now the leader of the Crystal Empire during The Last Problem. Also, Pinkie did say that Flurry is going to do amazing things in one of the episodes of “Baby Flurry Heart’s Heartfelt Scrapbook” which definitely hints at some importance for the character.

    Either way, Flurry obviously did something big during the time-skip, but we may sadly never know what it was. What is good is that we are all free to come up with our own ideas for it and write fan-fictions. I’m already writing my own series centered around Flurry as are many others, and I hope some fans can still find joy in seeing the story continued in many different ways!