• Australia's AliCon Has Closed Down - Press Release

    With covid continue to be a nightmare for any form of travel, Alicon 2020 has decided to close down. They join pretty much every other convention that has shuttered for the year, though they don't have plans for 2021 yet and are using this more as an official goodbye. They do mention a possible return some time in the future, but nothing is planned yet.

    Get the presser below.

    We are saddened to announce that AliCon Festival is unable to run.

    Due to recent restrictions and international travel limits as part of
    the Government’s strategy to combat COVID-19, with these restrictions in
    place for the foreseeable future, we are are unable to run events. As a
    result, both AliCon Festival and AliCon 2020 will not run. This means
    that it’s time for us to say goodbye.

    Thank you to everypony who was part of our story! To every Organiser,
    Volunteer, Peacemaker, Performer, Vendor, VIP, attendee, Special Guest,
    and everyone in between, each of you have been part of our journey.

    We may come together again someday. For now, this is goodbye. Thank you
    for being One AliCon Family!

    Stay hungry. Stay foolish.

    Statement: https://www.aliconmlp.com/goodbye/
    Refunds: https://www.aliconmlp.com/refunds/