• My Little Pony: Holiday Memories - New Holiday Comic Coming in November

    IDW has revealed a new official holiday coming slated for November. This one continues the trend with G4 ponies as the focus, so we are spared pony life at least until November from their end.

    Get the full details below!

    The description:

    Celebrate the holiday season with all of your favorite Ponies in this collection of stories that focuses on family, friends, traditions, and all-around joy!

    Spend time with the Apple family preparing an array of tasty apple treats for all of Ponyville; Spike and Twilight telling stories as they’re stuck in a snowstorm; and Rarity, as she tries to go to three Hearth’s Warming Eve parties in one night!

    Katie Cook (Author)
    James Asmus (Author)
    Bobby Curnow (Author)
    Brenda Hickey (Artist, Cover Artist)
    Agnes Garbowska (Artist)
    Andy Price (Artist)
    Trish Forstner (Artist)

    104 Pages

    From IDW

    Thanks to Storm Chaser for the heads up