• More Pony Music! And Lots of Mixes!

    With the numerous online conventions and music festivals happening in the community lately, many of the participating DJs from the lineups have released their sets on YouTube! Find all those fire mixes filled with tasteful and nostalgic pony music, in this post below the usual other pony music releases, which are quite numerous this time around as well! And even more in the Treasure Chest linked at the end of the post as usual! The pony music scene is so thriving and active, it's getting hard to keep up with everything! Please spread the word about it if you can so everyone knows about pony music being alive and well, and support all the awesome pony musicians! And by the way if you want my follow-up on Seth's post On Racism in the Fandom, find it here.

    1. Silva Hound & GrazySmash - Ponies In Flames (feat. Forest Rain) (Dropper Vampire Bootleg)
    Vocal - Big Room
    An unexpected but awesome remix of the banger from P@D Ignite by Dropper Vampire, that is quite uplifting!

    2. deførmed - TREE IS DEAD
    Vocal - Hardcore
    From COREQUESTRIA Vol. 1: Ponyville, deførmed's track about the tragic events of the S4 finale includes vocals, and an instrumental giving off those dark vibes awesomely!

    3. Ryazan a.k.a lixound - Collective Memory
    Instrumental - Melodic Drum & Bass
    From P@D Ignite, Ryazan's contribution features amazing pony vocal chops, among a sparky instrumental! Also check out the other songs from that album that recently got released on the P@D channel, Light Me Up, Hinterland (Rabbit Hole), a remix of The Storm Is Coming VIP, and one more featured further below!

    4. Radial Rainbow - Insight
    Instrumental - Metal
    A cover of Open Up Your Eyes from the MLP movie that turned into something awesome! If you wanna taste those original melodies from the song in Metal format, look no further!

    5. Glaze - Pinkie's Lie (Doxypony Remix)
    Vocal - Electronic
    A very nostalgic remix of a classic from Doxypony!

    6. Whirly Tail - Thinking Out Loud (Cynifree Remix)
    Instrumental - Psytrance/Forest Psy
    Cynifree remixed Whirly's track originally dedicated to Violin Melody, and that Forest Psy spin and journey through the deep forest is as mesmerizing as ever from Cyni!

    7. Nyancat380 - Depressed
    Vocal - Dubstep
    Making awesome use of pony vocal samples, Nyancat380 blended many genres into this feast of sounds that is not sticking to any conventional beat pattern. Creative and hard-hitting!

    8. Stallionslaughter - Cum as a Horse (Nirvana Parody)
    Vocal - Grunge
    Maybe you've seen this early from the link in my post of Tender Horn Does Glow (or simply from being subbed to Stallionslaughter and I recommend that), but if you missed it, here's an awesome and fun parody that is all about anon's struggles in Equestria, with Stallionslaughter totally acing those vocals and the instrumental too! Mature content warning!

    Instrumental - Dubstep
    A cute and hard-hitting track from BVYANX, dedicated to Twilight and her Element!

    10. Soundnix x AJ Young - Biohazard
    Vocal - Dubstep
    From Never Say Neigh's Black Stable: Vol 3, Soundnix and AJ Young's collab may either be about the current pandemic IRL, or a ponification of Resident Evil! You choose what to headcanon!

    11. N. Hollow - Frost Heart
    Vocal - Hip Hop
    N. Hollow's new awesome rap, released though Straight From The Heart, is assimilating an IRL experience to a resurgence of windigos!

    12. TCB - Integrity VIP, YONA GONNA, GLOOM & BLOOM, Death in The Afternoon VIP
    Vocal - Electronic
    In case you missed those amazing tracks from master TCB part of compilation albums, he gave them a home on YouTube, posting them in one single video on his channel!

    13. Srgt. Moon - The Twilight Zone
    Vocal - Hardcore
    From COREQUESTRIA Vol. 1: Ponyville, The Twilight Zone has our Princess of Friendship testing the musical skills of Enuna/Srgt. Moon...

    14. Daniel Ingram - You're In My Head Like a Catchy Song (BlipCapt Remix)
    Vocal - Future Bass
    A very cute release (including that animation in the video), BlipCapt's remix of the beloved song is brging bright vibes along that stylish Future Bass arrangement!

    15. SweetF1RE - Прощальная вечеринка!!
    Vocal - Chiptune
    This Pinkamena-themed track from SweetF1RE sampling her voice is as mad as a hatter..! Also check out SweetF1RE's other recent release, Судный день!

    16. John Kenza - Take to the Sky (feat. Koa) (TCB Flip)
    Vocal - Happy Hardcore/Dubstep
    TCB remixed Take to the Sky quite creatively as always, and that Dubstep drop goes so hard!

    17. Lightning Collector - Discord (Covering Odyssey Eurobeat & The Living Tombstone)
    Instrumental - Rock
    Quite a fresh-sounding cover of the classic from Lightning Collector, who delights with his guitar and drums performance!

    18. JP Hyper - The Runekeepers (EDM Mix)
    Instrumental - Trance
    Remember the story-powered 9-minutes progressive beauty The Runekeepers from JP Hyper and N4ghtwolf? Well here's an EDM arrangement of the track courtesy of JP Hyper, and it's so appreciated!

    19. Blackened Blue - Flight (2020 Remake)
    Vocal - Metal
    Blackened's remake of his 2015 Scootaloo song full of character depth from his self-titled EP released earlier this year just got a due YouTube release, and such an awesome one at that with those visuals!

    20. Yanamosuda - G4 (feat. Zephysonas)
    Instrumental - Jazz/Lounge
    Remember Yanamosuda's track G4 that I posted recently? Well Zephysonas joined the party and they collabed to make this new version, with a wonderful sax performance!

    21. Sia - Rainbow (RedSpark Remix)
    Vocal - Orchestral/Pop
    RedSpark's first remix is promising, with a perfect extension of the festival and uplifting vibes from the original!

    22. Enuna - Vitamin D
    Vocal - Hardcore
    From COREQUESTRIA Vol. 1: Ponyville, Enuna's Vitamin D-filled piece is sampling Twilight and Cadance's cute song, and it makes you want to do that little shake along the music!

    23. Toby Macarony - Still Unclear To Me
    Vocal - Smooth Jazz
    If you like Jazz, this is for you! Toby played with the Twilight vocals from You'll Play Your Part, making them sound like Twilight was singing for this Jazz piece all along!

    24. Forest Rain - The Spark Overture
    Vocal - Pop Ballad
    You've already heard this in the latest P@D album Ignite (at least you should), but I'm showing it to you anyway! Check my comment on the song for more details on how much I love it and how important I think it is for the community! Also don't forget to check out the other songs released on the P@D channel in the meantime, linked above in this post!

    25. Daniel Ingram & Lena Hall - The Magic Inside (MirroredReality Remix)
    Vocal - House
    New remixes of that awesome and emotional song will never get old! MirroredReality presents us their take and it's quite appreciated!

    26. Payyn - Hoof Crushed by a Mallet Under the Ponyville Floor (feat. Gatekeeper)
    Vocal - Hardcore
    Yet another YouTube release of a track from COREQUESTRIA Vol. 1: Ponyville! Payyn and their other alias Gatekeeper combined for one crazy experience in Ponyville!

    27. Kareniya - A Little Love (Covering WoodLore)
    Vocal - Acoustic Rock
    A brand new cover of a WoodLore song from Kareniya, experimenting with the electric guitar!

    28. Noc - Main Theme (Airships & Endless Seas) (Re-recorded)
    Instrumental - Soundtrack
    Remember that Original Audiobook Soundtrack for the fanfic Empty Horizons by musician Noc that I posted back then? It originally only had 5 tracks but now it's complete with 10 new tracks made and added in the meantime (solo post incoming), and Noc made everything available on both Bandcamp as an album, and on a YouTube channel as indidivual uploads, along this new recording of the Main Theme! Noc "overhauled the instrumentation and really improved the sound, giving it more depth and letting the melody shine more" (source).

    Nevermourn - Sugarfest Set
    Butterflight - Sugarfest Set
    Thorinair - Glory of The Night Special - Sugarfest 2020
    Ebunix - Sugarfest Set
    Whirly Tail - Sugarfest Set
    Nevermourn - Brony Bash Set
    Zizkil - Sugarfest Set
    HittCell - Ponies At Dawn Mix 3 (Guardians, Anthology, Memories)
    John Kenza & loophoof Live at Ponyville Ciderfest 2019
    MC-Arch - Live @ Burning Mare 2 Electric Scootaloo
    Royalpony - Burning Mare II Electric Scootaloo Live Set
    AWal - Live at Burning Mare II Electric Scootaloo
    FenPony - Live @ Burning Mare II Electric Scootaloo
    Cloudbeat - Cutie Mark Crusaders your endless crusading is an allegory to your endless descent in a personal hell and you three must wake up already
    Rod Steven - Burning Mare II Electric Scootaloo Performance

    There's another treasure chest in the dungeon! Open it up to grab some extra music for Dedicated Pony Music Fans!

    Are we breaking the record of number of links in a single post?
    The pony music scene is just so active, I'm having trouble to keep up lately, what with having Horse Music Herald and Cider Party to manage in addition to EQD! But always gotta do my best to support everypony!