• Fanfic OST Album: Noc - Empty Horizons Original Audiobook Soundtrack (Complete)

    Originally listing five tracks when I posted it back when it was only available on Soundcloud, the Original Audiobook Soundtrack for the fanfic Empty Horizons composed by Noc aka JoƩ McKen has now gotten no less than 10 new tracks since that post, and it's now complete! You can download the full thing as an album on Bandcamp, or check out the individual uploads of the tracks on Noc's YouTube channel (where future works will be uploaded, so feel free to sub). And the Soundcloud playlist has been updated, too. You can see what are the new tracks from their upload date. Check them out for FF OST-like greatness, epic moments with choirs, emotional moments with strings and piano, and such an intense climax with track #14 that is 13 minutes long!! Speaking of that track, if you don't mind spoilers about the fanfic and want a summary of the story that is happening during the music (making it effectively a BGM), find it here written by Noc, with timestamps indicating what part of the track are reflecting what part of the story! Reading it along listening to the track made me tear up, especially with what happens with Twilight at the end! OST is Magic!