• Equestria Girls: Friendship Math Follow Up

    So I won’t deny having my fun with zodiac books, horoscopes in the newspapers and online quizzes telling me what Harry Potter House I’m in (*ahem* ravenclaw *cough*). This short just proves how silly they can be…except for overly studious people like Twilight. But does this bring back memories of “Feeling Pinkie Keen” all the way from season 1. Twilight over thinking a simple thing to prove with science. Pinkie Pie telling her she’s over thinking things and being a bit concerned for her mental health. Good times, good times. If I were to give this short a moral, it would be not to over think why you’re friends with someone. It doesn’t have to be explained in a scientific manner. If it feels right, that’s all that matters. That or pick a better magazine for friendship quizzes.

    So Pinkie decides to interrupt Twilight reading a textbook at the beach (honestly Pinkie, thank you) to show her the quiz in Canterlot Beat Magazine. So we can pretty much assume that Canterlot might be the name of the city they’re in since you have a high school and magazine named after it. And we can also assume that Featherbangs on the cover of said magazine is at least famous in this world. I guess after never getting that one girl who could look past his looks and charm to see the sweet soul that lies beneath, he decided to be Justin Beiber.

    Yeah see this is what I’m talking about when it comes to the mental health thing with Sci Twi. Just the mere mention of a pop quiz will make her worry that she didn’t study anything. I can only imagine the trauma of not being prepared for a test and looking at the questions like they were in Spanish. Which they were, but they were also multiple choice and I at least got a C in that class.
    But let’s see what type of questions will be asked here. And these two are trying to answer for each other so this might come with some weird answers knowing Pinkie Pie.

    Question 1: What’s you best friend’s favorite food?
    Twilight: “Cotton Candy?”
    Pinkie: “Book?’
    Ok for that one, it should’ve been a given that Pinkie is a cake and cupcake person. At least cotton candy is Pinkie’s 3rd favorite. But Pinkie Pie…books? This is the look of Twilight realizing she’s a one note character where her friend even thinks she eats books as food.

    Question 2: Favorite part of school?
    Twilight: “Lunch?”
    Pinkie: “Library”
    Ok Twilight would’ve been close with me. Mine is usually English. But I think Pinkie would’ve hit the nose on the head with library. But since actual Princess Twilight lived in a library in Ponyville and even slept at the school library in the first EqG movie, she might’ve gotten her Twilights mixed up. But I am interested in Pinkie enjoying helping the janitor refill the snack machines. Guess someone has been eating a lot of peanut butter crackers at school.

    Question 3: What is your friend’s biggest fear?
    Twilight: “Ice cream without sprinkles?”
    Pinkie: “Clown fish?”
    Well I have no idea what I was expecting from such a juicy question. Apparently, clown fish are Pinkie Pie’s biggest fear. I have so many questions on how that happened. My best guess is maybe because they’re named after clowns they should be funnier, but aren’t. So it looks like our two friends here have flunked a three-questioned friendship quiz in a teen magazine. Oh well. Guess saving the world together a few times means nothing to the writers of Canterlot Beat Magazine.

    At least Pinkie Pie is trying to settle down the crazy girl hearing the word “flunk” probably for the first time. I mean come on Twilight. It was literally three questions. Maybe use it to talk about random things like that to get to know Pinkie better, but it’s not something to take so seriously. And honestly, who would have time for random questions like these when you have evil friendless villains fighting you?

    Twilight: “I’ll prove we’re best friends…FOREVER!”
    See Pinkie. It’s not as fun when someone else says “forever” like that. But I think she’s learned her lesson of never challenging Twilight with any form of quiz or calculations. This look on Pinkie’s face is one of deep regret and possible trouble. It’s may favorite kind when it involves Twilight going overboard.

    I will say this. I won’t deny loving this even more about Pinkie Pie. Even if she could try talking Twilight out of literally studying their friendship, she’ll at least sit back and be supportive and won’t disturb her. She even brought her a lemonade to cool her head a bit.

    Aww we even get to see Lilypad, a girl Pinkie Pie babysat for. It’s nice that they still get along and still like hanging out with each other. And all this while Twilight is doing more calculations in the sand. Because that’s normal. I do wonder if she bought all these books with her to the beach. Does she realize sand is the absolute worst thing? Once it gets into something, you’re struggling to get it out. It’ll be months later and you pick up one of these books and it has sand in the middle that just won’t come out.

    I give you all the time you need if anybody wants to even try to decipher any of this equation Twilight has cooked up. At most, I can make out that Pinkie likes pizza, there’s a pie mixed in somewhere and I don’t know what that line graph is supposed to be. Forget it. Maybe it should just be washed away.

    Umm…I didn’t see that coming.

    Well…Twilight isn’t upset? Her hard work and calculations got washed away with the tide and she’s still standing there with a smile? I can’t tell if this is a heavy improvement on the character or if the creators didn’t want her going completely Lesson Zero here since it’s a different Twilight. But it looks like her reason for being fine is that she knows her friendship with Pinkie is unquantifiable.

    Yeah Pinkie. I don’t get science types either. One minute she’s freaking out about flunking a magazine quiz and the next, she’s completely over it. At this point in your friendship, maybe you just gotta roll with it.

    Well it may have taken the whole short for Twilight to show her friendships can’t be measured, but at least Pinkie Pie knew all long and was still fine with the results. And another heart closing ending. Makes me think the writers might be more ship happy than we thought. I never cared for the Twi-Pie ship myself, but I like the originality that can come with one character who’s by the book and another who’s more spontaneous.
    And that was Friendship Math, another reason I can never stand doing math and does nothing for the sake of friendships. This was a really cute and sweet short with a pretty simple ending. If Princess Twilight would’ve had this kind of thought faster than “Felling Pinkie Keen”, then she probably wouldn’t have had all the stress and troubles worrying about proving things with science. And as fandom science dictates, it’s Pinkie Pie, don’t question it. And this is another moment I love about Pinkie. She could’ve told you everything you just found out, but not give up on what you were trying to accomplish. She never really left while Twilight was calculating and didn’t even really bother her about it. I like both of these characters playing off each other just because it makes for some great interactions. I’m Penny Wrights and I gotta go burn every calculator I can find. They’re all on cellphones anyway so they have no place here anymore.