• Equestria Girls: The Art of Cookies Follow Up

    If there’s one thing that came out of this nationwide staycation, it would be this high increase of people making baked goods. At this point, indoor farming might become a great trend. Growing your own food to cook and eat or even trade with other growers would at least be economically friendly. So how about we take a look at someone who probably can never stop baking. If I were to give this short a moral, it would be to always have fun with cooking and making something new. You never know what might come out of the kitchen. Either that or to keep Pinkie away from sprinkles. This is a short after the Humane 7 got those super geodes that now turn Pinkie’s sugary sprinkles into super powered pup rocks. Let’s make sure Pinkie doesn’t get anyone hurt while baking, shall we?

    Well it looks like Pinkie Pie has some guests for her cooking show that include two reptiles. I don’t know how well Gummy and Tank can digest baked goods, but I’m sure it’ll be fun for Pinkie to see a tortoise on a sugar high. Maybe he’ll turn into a mini Rainbow Dash.

    Oh good she’s found the Snapchat filters. Like we need any more emphasis on how sugar high Pinkie probably already is right now. But at least Tank looks happy. He gets free food out of being cute.

    So… here’s a random thing I noticed when re-watching for these screenshots. If dragons don’t exist in this world since Spike went from dragon to puppy when coming here, why is there a bowel of gems on the counter for ingredients? She never used them in the recipe (trust me she used more farfetched items), but just having them be there makes me wonder if either dragons really do exist or maybe since they’re closer to Gummy, maybe crocodiles turn into dragons in the pony world.
    Or maybe this isn’t the Pinkie Pie of the human world but one of the Pinkie Pies from the pony world that escaped the mirror pool and already knew dragons love gems. And if she already knew dragons love to eat gems, maybe she was making these cookies for Spike the Dragon back in Ponyville.
    Weren’t we just talking about baking a minute ago? Tank don’t eat the sugar.

    So it seems Pinkie has taken some notes from a lot of cooking videos such as Tasty and Delish with these overhead shots of putting the ingredients in the bowel. Too bad Tank isn’t so patient about waiting until the cookies are actually done to dug in. We know Tank. We all still eat raw cookie dough even if it’s not good for us. But we have cookie dough ice cream to try and fix that.
    Pinkie Pie: “And for our final ingredient: two Tank kisses!”
     Yeah as I said, the gems were questionable, but somehow Tank kisses manifested themselves as pink fluff that filled the bowel to the brim. No idea how this works. I want to say logically this was just some camera tricks and this was probably whipped cream or beaten egg whites colored pink, which somehow also tastes like cotton candy. But knowing Pinkie, her kisses might be the Krabby Patty’s true secret ingredient.
    (Editor’s Note: Does Gummy look a bit sadder to you or is it just over thinking about someone’s owner kissing another pet?)

    Does anybody know someone who keeps this much chocolate in a bowel for cookies? Because I don’t. But the look on Tank’s face just makes the chocolate even sweeter somehow. But this also seems like a lot of chocolate for possible a dozen cookies at the most.

    Oh wait. Nevermind. Pinkie just decides to eat most of it (without sharing with Tank) to the point of her stomach hurting. So almost a full bowel of chocolate can make her stomach turn but not all the other junk food she eats. I guess Pinkie’s stomach is just as much of anomaly than magic in this world.
    Yep. Pink, random, and full of chocolate. These are definitely cookies made for Pinkie Pie by Pinkie Pie. Though I do wonder about the taste of cotton candy and chocolate together. I also wonder if chocolate possibly might not be good for reptiles and can possible…uh…let’s move on.

    Leave it to Pinkie Pie to start making cookies just to pull a random cupcake out of her hair to snack on. Just eating a lot of chocolate made your stomach hurt but still decides to eat more backed goods? That stomach is a very picky black hole.

    Note so self: someone tell Pinkie to ease off the snapchat filters. These effects might be reaching over to a creepier side. O have no idea why they keep giving Pinkie these slightly creepy faces. Between this and the heart eyes from the Coinky Dink World music video, I think Pinkie might just have yandere powers. But at least she’s happy?

    Pinkie no!!! The cookies are sweet enough!!! Don’t use the sprinkles!!! You know what happens when you use spri-

    Anybody else afraid to get near a cupcake with sprinkles after these powers came? Because I think people will start to develop a confetti phobia for fear of it exploding everywhere. But maybe the cookies survived? Along with Rainbow Dash’s beloved pet.

    Well… you can’t say baking is always clean in a lot of cases. But I would suspect nobody would be looking forward to cleaning cookie dough off the ceiling light. And I’m pretty sure Tank hid in his shell to counteract being 2 inches away from an explosion. I also have to wonder how much cookie dough was still undercooked to get this much splatter and still have 2 dozen cookies on a plate.

    Well at least Tank got to eat some cookies and Pinkie Pie made an explosive video that might get YouTube to ask a few questions. At least the recipe sounds somewhat like a cooking video, but not many usually end this…sticky.
    And that was The Art of Cookies, a tasty treat of extreme chaos in the kitchen. There’s nothing more to say except that this was fun to watch and might get you in the mood for sweets. Tank has all the personality while Gummy is a stoic and sensible croc in the kitchen. And with Pinkie doing all the cooking, it makes me really happy that she doesn’t cook at her job and is just a waitress. I don’t think the diner would want to clean up exploded desserts everyday. And hopefully with that, we can ignore the fact that you really shouldn’t feed chocolate or other processed foods to a tortoise, but we’ll keep that a secret from Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy. I’m Penny Wrights and I got two boxes of brownie mix to cook up for absolutely no reason.