• Episode Rewatch - MLP Season 3 Episodes 7-8 - Spike At Your Service / Keep Calm and Flutter On - And Future of Rewatches

    The beginnings of a future romance? Or just friendship?

    It has been a while since we had a rewatch day, and I think we are going to treat them a little differently going forward. Apparently not many people at all were watching the actual streams, but for some episodes people loved the discussions. Obviously not all episodes are going to cause much love, but a good amount do.

    So, from here on rewatch posts will go up at 10:00 AM PST on Saturdays, minus the stream, but more situated for discussion rather than going up super early like they used to. Feel free to hop in and talk about the episodes, or rewatch them on whatever platform you watch pony episodes on.

    Today we have Spike at Your Service and Keep Calm and Flutter On! What did you like about these two? What did you dislike? Pop it below.